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A vinyl record show and fully expected on my way back to Manchester where I live. It's Parkway like all the way and, you know, sure Traffic. I thought it was going to be so bad. It was not bad. There were a couple of little slowdowns, but For the most part very surprising, very pleasing all the way home from like, What is it? Exit 1 53 all the way down to 89. It was rather Pleasant breeze. Let's hope it's still that way. We'll find out with New Jersey. Fast traffic. Well, starting off the night. If you're heading down towards point Beach, it will be slow coming out of Brielle self downside of 35 right across the Manasquan River Bridge. You've got more stop and go through bay head and a little bit busy down towards LA Valette, too. Elsewhere route 36 still bunching up into Seabright south penalties at the sea, Bright Bridge and north beyond 36. That's gotten slow through Hazlitt. In fact, it looks like we might have a crash right around Pool Avenue. Very tough delays getting into Keyport right now, Hunter the parkway North bound traffic 1 29 to 1 32. And then again, 1 42 up to 1 45 also on the parkway. If you're southbound into brick There is a missing manhole cover repair work knocks out of right lane right around. It's at 91 1 95. Some westbound traffic near the turnpike and 5 37 really tough coming up from six flags has a head back up to 1 95. We are a bit slow here at the Ben Franklin leaving New Jersey. Apart from that you're Delaware crossings. Okay, now across the Hudson 45 minutes at the upper deck for the George half an hour downstairs, Lincoln Tunnel about 20 minutes and about a 20 minute Wait at the Holland Tunnel, too. This report is sponsored by mattress firm Mattress firm's Fourth of July sale has been extended for a limited time shop and save up to $500 on top rated brands like Celean. Sleepy's traffic Every 15 minutes. Your next report 7 18. I'm Jeff from on New Jersey, one at 1.5, All Jersey all the time, the very diverse way of thinking New Jersey one at 1.5..

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