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Is the book uprooting a century of miseducation, David Goodwin has written it with Pete hegseth in that David. You're the head of the association of classical Christian schools. So you're like a brainy guy. Pete is just like a talking hit on Fox and Friends. We know he has nothing to say if it's not on a teleprompter. Pete, how did you get involved in this? I've always learned to join forces with people smarter than me. That's the key. Andy's humble, which makes me hate him even more. You went to Princeton, you went to the Harvard Kennedy school of government. What did you major in at Princeton? Politics. You did. I did. Political philosophy. As sort of a degree of that. But I'll tell you what I've learned in this project, how much I didn't learn. I didn't learn any of this stuff. My kids are in classical Christian schools and all I say every day is, why can't I go back to school and learn these things? Okay, you're singing my song. I have said this over and over in the last couple of decades. I learned something. I wrote a book called if you can keep it Franklin's famous line. And because of Oz Guinness, whose book I had read, I understood things, and all I could think of is how did I not get this? I didn't get any of this. So you obviously going through this elite schools, which like, Yale, they don't teach you this stuff. They teach you John Dewey on steroids, I guess. And they teach you now the latest manifestations of the Frankfurt school and critical theory, which is now we now see as critical race theory, and we talk about every day. But it was just the water in which we swam. I took social studies. We all took social studies who invented social studies. Yeah, why is it not history? Why is it social studies? We can't get into that. We can't get into that, don't talk about it. I didn't know where that all came from. David had done the research and then I was able to lay it upon the environment in which we live right now and realize we all got a progressive education. Yeah. Almost everyone watching guaranteed. Right. Got a progressive education that was started by atheist advanced by marxists who had their own agenda and it all happened subtly, and a lot of us think we aren't infected, but we are. And so you have to dig under the ruins of what used to exist. And that's what David did in this project. This is the way education our founders were educated, how free people and republics actually perpetuate themselves. Why don't we do that? As opposed to what we're doing now. I have to say to people need to understand that if you don't get this stuff, if you don't really understand this, you really can't combat it because you don't know. This is why I think so many people are cowards. I mean, so many Republicans are cowards. They don't really understand it. And they're kind of afraid of being questioned. So they just go like, well, what do I need to say so that you don't come after me? I'll just say whatever you want me to say. Because they don't really understand what is happening. And so what you're talking about, when you talk about John Dewey signing the atheist humanist manifesto, we need to understand there's a worldview, it is an atheistic worldview. It is at war with the biblical worldview. And we couldn't have America without the biblical world. You don't need to be a Christian to be an American, but you need to understand historically speaking, you do not get American style self government without the Israel covenant of the Old Testament or whatever. It's just not you can talk all day you want about the Iroquois system and people kind of throw this stuff out there. But it's historical fact, isn't it? I mean, you can't really argue with it, but you can ignore it. Well, you know, in the book we talk about the liberal arts and how they were originally developed by the Greeks to enable a republic or a democracy. And we, in this day and age, we think it's just a natural thing. One of the things Pete talks about in the book is his time, pizza, a veteran. And he talks about his time in Afghanistan and the differences that you see in the paideia of the different parts of the world. And we're taking for granted this critical thing that's liberal art tradition. Where people can are trained to think for themselves. That's the independently minded. That's the key. And let's be.

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