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I liked the crowd. You liked. Yeah. Because yeah, I felt for me as an actor. It was always like I wanted instant gratification. I wanted to be when I said a joke. I want laughs when I said something I applauded I want if feeds you makes you better gives you more confident it strengthens you and it's probably there's some unhealthy aspect of it. No buyer in it, the you know, they're in. It up there in it. And they're you know, they know what you're up there doing no matter. What acting or tennis are what music or whatever in? And they they wanna they wanna get as involved as you, do, you know that that's why you know, this happens, you know, so that they wanna be a part of it. They want to be drawn in you know, an and to sit there and not just sit there to say, they're they're watching a movie, or what are they they wanna be sucked into something special. You know? And and you know, it the more they gave me the more. I wanted to give them, you know. It's funny. Rodney Dangerfield one of my favorites time and he doing Caddyshack. It was his first movie. He's like, I'll tell you. I don't know. He does something. I don't know what the line was an afterwards. He kinda goes into corner. That's pretty good, by the way, really Jimmy. All right. He goes to the corner. And he's looking upset. He's shaking his head. And the the guy that was the Italian guy in Caddyshack. But I don't remember his name comes up and goes, hey, Rodney, you'll k- know what's mad because I'm bomb in here. I'm bombing. He said, what are you talking about? Nobody's left, and I tell you, nobody's laughing. They can't laugh because of the microphones. It's a movie, right? He and understand because he was so used to instant they love me right laughs, the an energized him, and there's something. So I had to learn that the first time I did a TV show or movie or whatever I was trying to be funny. No one's and I kind of felt like better account, another take..

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