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Charge of your candidates are are so far to your left that they're probably unrecognizable because here's here's the comedy about this kelly the california democratic party is gonna spend money on kevin daily on on his commercials the whole thing they're not gonna fun diane feinstein's for the election in november and top two so it's di di five versus de leon she's still gonna kick his ass she is still she is going to boot him to the curb so what's going on there it's the members of if you're a democrat the members of your executive board are so out of touch with the rest of you that they're gonna spend your money on kevin daily on who's unelectable as a to national office even in california and so that's his running your party and rather than airing their dirty laundry behind closed doors and sitting down with diane and saying why don't you just gracefully not run for re election or whatever your ancient she knows that she's one of the most powerful democratic senators in the senate you don't just walk away and leave that hanging and so rather than play chess the california democratic party decided to play risk or stratego or something but they're not playing chess when when they proposed to spend money on a guy like kevin daily on one of the democrat elected officials i have ever heard in my life send that rookie to washington dc and you eliminate you get rid of thirty plus years of seniority in the states so badly do you understand how to be a majority even in cal california of course they're not even contested there's not even a republican on the ballot in november and they still don't know how to do things right you have somebody like dianne feinstein who is crinkly she is old cheese white she's those things that we hate in california now but she has seniority like kevin daily on will never have she has it right now she's listened to she can she can call trump and walk into the oval office he she's one of a handful of people who are democrats who he will get the door for and you really want to throw that away go ahead you know what be my guest spend money on kevin de leon so that is what happened today and that's his running your california democratic party the democratic party is going to fund his date member but the dianne feinstein apparently has yes she will have one party and belair and she will outspend daily on and she will triple his vote tally this november because her own party is that stupid but that's california in a nutshell we'll be back right after this is the super local sunday back with ill sports ball kellyanne anti right after this kfi am six forty more stimulating talk michael shapiro in the news woman is apparently started a small brush fire near magic mountain in santa clarita the fires now out cops say that the woman was seen with a book of matches near the fire and may have.

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