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African strain, and they are they seem to be more transmittable more easily. So, in addition to worry, mask everyone flying to the United States from another country. We need to test before they get on the plan and self quarantine When they arrive in America. Thousands of people are asking When will most people be able to get the Corona virus vaccine? Here's Fox is Gillian Turner. Millions of Americans nationwide are confused about when they can get vaccinated. Governments. Mixed messaging on when all Americans can expect to be vaccinated has persisted for months. I think we'll be able to do that to spring and but it's gonna be a logistical Challenge that exceeds anything we've ever tried in this country. But then doctor found, she said this logistically By the time you get those is into everyone who might want it. It will take several months, which will go into the end of the summer. At the current rate of about a million Americans vaccinated per day, it would take the U. S about 10 months to vaccinate all Americans. Michigan's of reporting 1476 cases of the virus. 79 deaths the head of Detroit public schools, calling on the governor to allow winter sports to start Dr Nikolai Vitti calling on the governor to start sports like basketball Right now, the governor rightfully called for return for in person. Learning that has to become with sports and sports is a way for students to start to get on the other side of the pandemic and rebuild their mental health, which is suffered under Online learning in this pandemic. Really says 99.6% of football players testing negative toward the end of the playoffs, and that it clearly demonstrates that high school student athletes are not the cause of the spread of the virus. Huntington Bank says it's planning to close 198 branches, including many inside Meyer stores when the Detroit based TCF merges with Huntington Newly enlarged Huntington would become the second biggest bank in Michigan by deposits right behind JP Morgan Chase. Checking the world as this morning they remain mixed. China is down. Ikea is up. London is up. The Dow futures are down four WJR News. I'm Marie Osborne will go back to Paul W. Smith and just a moment..

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