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Listening to KCRW KCRW sponsors included Netflix presenting Martin Scorsese's the Irishman Robert deniro Al Pacino and Joe Pesci star in the saga of organized crime in post war America that chronicles the disappearance of union boss Jimmy Hoffa in theaters November first thousands of people were forced to spend last night out of their homes because of the Getty fire you'll hear from some of them will bump down at a local evacuation center plus concerns are running high in northern California's wine country as fire crews struggle to get a handle on the king Katie fire before powerful winds make a comeback Tuesday morning in the KCRW news reminds me to take this brand hi what's on your show well today we're gonna talk to George Gaston who is leaving his post in San Francisco is DA there to run to become day here in LA last in life and we're gonna ask why there's not a whole lot of teeth with the California coastal commission which is charged with allowing public access along California's hundreds of miles of coast we'll talk about that a greater LA right press play at noon and greater relate one on KCRW well the Getty firing into its second day today and that is prompting some school closures yet again in the L. A. U. S. T. palisades and university high schools have cancel classes along with Emerson and repair middle schools and Brent would Brockton canyon community magnet Fairburn can't Marquez palisades Roscoe Mar nor Sterry to Pango Warner and Westwood elementary schools however all schools in the Santa Monica and Malibu unified school district.

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