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Okay. Cool. Perfect. So the fact that we got tails at the end. And the fact that they were, they were able to keep a secret. I it was great I. Love that that that. I go ahead right. I wonder what tales of looked as good before the petition as well. I'm sure there's like a rendering somewhere deep in the archives. That will never see unless he gets speaks. Would you think meg you being such a Gamer and I mean all of us know sonic. So we probably have all have an opinion on this. What did you think of the first rendering of him in the first trailer? Nightmare. Worthy s way to describe it like I feel like children probably needed therapy after this. You no I'm with you. It was one. It was something. Something out of a horror movie. Absolutely the best way to describe it and Ryan which number one. Sonic as well will. Johnny said it best but. It was a fun ride fun movie. Love seeing tails at the end Yeah. A lot better than I expected I. Think Jen Nail what with Jim Carey, Su I'm glad you're back and was able to be extremely over the top because that's. Egghead shrink over the top. So it's I'm glad he was able to do that. All right. So my number one is mortal Kombat. Do. You want to know what's funny because I actually do think they did the best job they possibly could. That game because that's not an easy game, it's just a fighting game so they try to at least have a competition going on. Were broke the tie with super. Her buzzes the song. Hose, like I love both of these movies but that song just I just seal their for me. But yeah it it was what it was. It was terrible CGI and. Goro looks hilarious but there's something about is such a charm to it that just makes me enjoy it so so much. Yeah. My number one is mortal combat. I think I guess megs number one but go ahead like would you like to take a oh? Yeah. It's Tomb Raider Da. Like what I loved about it is that you know, yes, it was a reboot and they pulled some some of its core moments from the first two games of the reboot. So in addition to having a lot of its own original sources so I liked that it wasn't a direct adaptation, but they used some of its prime moments as inspiration. And it really helps tie the movie into video games and even though Alicia was not my first choice, she knocked it out of the part with. Both her physical ability, as well as the emotional take and I loved that they had a really good throwback to the original game series at the very last clip in the movie like that. If you play the original games, you will know exactly what I'm talking about and it was like I squealed and I just I just cannot wait is equal same here. Now before we finish up for the day, let's get into I. Did have some worse than anyone else to any worse or just me? I was. But I. Did it. Okay. Cool. So it's just a quick five nothing nothing too crazy. So I do have a street fighter on here. I have the street fighter, the legend of Chung Li as my number five because emily's got awful it doesn't. It doesn't have the fun and the charm of St, of the Garbage Street fighter movie that I mentioned before my number four here I, have house of the dead. Okay, my number three, this one hurt because I love the game. Double Dragon. See that I really even in a guilty pleasure way I really try to like it but it's it's a little weird. I. Don't know if you guys remember it too well but very, very weird Yeah. So back to my number two with be Max Payne. So now we can get back into this I think. I think meg like my issue with it is that there's so much darkness in this movie and I think we knew I it's a PG thirteen movie right mag or did actually at the R. Rating I WanNa say it got pg thirteen I'm not one hundred percent sure 'cause it feels like a movie that should be rated R. extremely dark and I don't feel like we got Mark Mark Mark Mark overacting okay like I feel like that's what we got and I feel like. The, the heartbreak from that character for Max's character was missing throughout the entire movie I felt like there wasn't the the pain and suffering that he's going through and. There was a lot that hated I should give it another shot. It's been twelve ears but. Yes. That's kind of where I'm at, you wanted to add about mark on urine. I mean he definitely wasn't my first choice insult. got. Into it judging a book by its cover but a sadly judging it wound up working out in my favor because just. He's harbor passing but like I said, Mila Kunis was great The only thing I wish is that they needed until the third game released. Yes. Because the third game, even though I hate how linear the game players, the third game would make an amazing movie. Would have helped tie in the movie in like possibly save it I. I agree you know what? I it could have actually led to like a nice little trilogy. Exact we had this. Totally agree, and then my number one worst is I think the worst special effects I've ever seen in a movie it is. I WANNA show Jenny this movie be just to show her how bad it is that I'm not. Being extra but mortal Kombat annihilation. It is such a should show one. They've they replaced all the main character for the most part. and. Then you have these it looks like windows ninety five special effects right.

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