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This late tonight. Isn't it a my mistaken? Isn't it possible that the king didn't help that is that there's a frown print. It's positive attaching guess he's the muscleman right? Saudi Crown prince Mohammad bin Salman and he's meeting right now with your secretary of state, Mike Pompeo. This was Trump statement of the whole thing. Here we go again with you're guilty until proven innocent okeydokey. Then though, what else. Does tend to implicate one. It's not like reaching only to that, just forget it was in my bag. The notion that has been floated that that the Saudis are gonna should statement saying essentially how this was an interrogation that went wrong teratogen to which they brought a bone. All right. Which is. Keep referring to. Here's a new euphemism. It was might have been a retention that had gone bad tension meaning Mr. Jogi we are going to retain you rag you back to Saudi Arabia, and if you don't wanna do that, we have a response which. You'll end up end up being food for guppies. Yeah. Okay. And fund morning for of people in Canada, ticking new found land were legal, national marijuana. Marketplace began sales just this morning in Newfoundland. Canada has pronounce Newfoundland, Newfoundland land. Okay. There you go. They have legalized recreational. Marijuana started out as the new found land, but it's the new fees and by the way that is an insult to call them new. Yes. Is Newfoundland because we do have a cliff from that. Yes, we wonderful. We've with periodically, we have emails from for me. They've they've legalized recreational marijuana in that province or the whole country, the whole country country, and they will pardon all those with convictions for possessing up to thirty grams of marijuana, which is now the legal that's eight for that, isn't it? I mean, they've been sitting in the cooler for a while. You know, if you can get out excited about those prospects and here's, here's a parting gift for you as you leave. Exactly, right. So there you go very lovely, VO guy, radio, there's I want. There's a couple of very specific things I want to talk about in old guy radio. When we return. I'm Tony Kornheiser. You're listening to the Tony Kornheiser show. Now let me talk to you about lows and by the way, let me let me stress that although this is about craftsman products, and I don't know if this is about lows in general or just very specifically the craftsman tools. But Jen Babbit she works for lows has helped us in the Quiring a washer and dryer, which came to the house yesterday. So we'll see how that works, but very grateful to hook it up resume. Well, we got we crop Metcalf came in and attach the gas dryer which people who delivered it were not allowed to do and the the washing machine was electric. And so that one right in haven't used it yet a very anxious to use it and by very anxious..

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