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Slow me this morning and what some of the debate last night about the hair discrimination put out by course Chris Seelbach is always looking for discrimination of it does not exist we must look forward to we find something to justify my beliefs about the way the world looks as an American I'm like a normal guy unfortunately I'm a white Christian male and I'm married so unfortunately I have no protection whatsoever however I do not I do not think American society is descriptive as defined by progressives on city council I'm completely sensitive to the idea of the men women you and I are different now women are different than men recall but we're different you think differently act differently women of my wife will say come back from the from Mitchell's and say I look at our house going fine don't you see so I don't see it something about the hair and I have very little interest in my hair most men have little or no interest and how their hair looks my wife tells me I'm always looking bad I'll wear stripe shorts and checker board shorts and shoot you got to take that off because it okay but I don't pay much attention to my appearance that doesn't make it right or wrong is the way it is most white guys don't spend nearly as much time getting ready as their their wives or girlfriends for some reason women take a long time need forty five minutes to get ready I'm told by Rachel she can take up to an hour to get ready takes me ten minutes at the most get the form out the door in ten minutes and so on we're eagle but we're different and I love the differences I wouldn't want ever everyone is decided to think and act like me despite the fact I'm sure many people do everybody's different different look at E. poor but as soon as the country found from many one one nation become an American we're not to look for things that divide us unless you have nothing else to talk about or else your policies have failed and then if your policies have failed don't talk about the failure of our policies on city council look at the shiny object all way over here to the left and that's the problem so much in fox nineteen last night with my good friend in yours Tricia Macke and that the first section of the news last night was these various individuals who were all African American and T. R. in other parts of the city disgusted with the crime rate with bullets flying every which way serious problems almost every few days there's some other innocent victim of a crime that's occurred largely in the black community this doesn't happen everywhere else this doesn't happen is not race got nothing to do with as proof of that when I am on Kevin Jackson Walter Williams or Thomas soul they will tell you that for most of African American history in this country crime was not a problem whatsoever it didn't happen this isn't like because you know liberals like to think that we think because they're black they commit crime that is not true it's a lie it's always been a lie the great bulk of our history in America African American families were intact education was important there was a group mentality the head to occur because of the vicious discrimination against persons based upon skin color which was happening here on all else around the world it still goes on today to try being a Jew in Saudi Arabia or try being in North Korea and Japan or try being a Muslim in China and stop this is not a uniquely American event this is a human events which is a terrible sentiment in times of crime it's awful in America is the one nation that's working toward a brighter day we're trying to get there it's a struggle in process but growing up if you look at Roselawn Avondale Evanston black communities you see these old great structures like go to your it is because of the vicious discrimination against African Americans and others who could not move in so called quote white areas that the African Americans group together there's no keys on the locks and it was functional it was family life it was it was wonderful Hey it was good discrimination was awful but the community did not involved in criminal activity it didn't happen so much last night statistically and one last thing I watch you two videos and I go back in time if you look at the prison population in America in the nineteen forties fifties and sixties it generally it reflected the population and racial groups in the country it was an overwhelmingly African American check it out it's true water Williamson cetera pointed out by the bureau of a federal prisons and the thirties forties and fifties about nine or ten percent of the population was African American the right rest refer people to look like you and me and Matt Simon and Jim Scott that was present as another example Johnny Cash when did Folsom prison blues and they have the video there and all the inmates basically all the inmates are white white guys we're doing that it was rare in the black community they have not an intact family rare to commit a crime didn't happen so I'm watching last night Tricia Macke and robin the first doors again and again and again almost every night you can watch the news five nine twelve nineteen and if someone gets shot it's rare for it to be in Westchester Montgomery Taylor mail it's always the black community I'd say ninety percent of one point about five or six years ago the Enquirer made the mistake of putting the victims of murder on the front page of the paper and they were all black faces and that was racist because it reflected the reality of the way things are and so if your head of a party in a group whose policies have failed miserably in urban areas the best thing to do is to have the media not focus on your failure will focus on something other than you can blame the other people like Amy Murray for not agreeing with African American has hairstyles I don't disagree with that whatsoever it's it's good how may not it because of my TV show I was around hundreds of black females who by the way Love Me and I love them and I understand the hair is a big issue and the black community that is not with white males or maybe even white females I think white females care about their hair in their nails and pedicures and eyebrows matched I mean you get that eyebrow waxing he says yes he does it all the time I didn't know that but but women care about appearances more than men care about appearances as reflected by the fact that hairstyling and color in a waxing and all L. pedicures and manicures and skin treatment and abrasions all this stuff that most guys don't even think about doesn't mean you're better or worse simply means were different which is great I love the difference when you have politicians whose policies of miserably failed for the last half a century it is always best to blame somebody else for your failures so fox nineteen last night had several stories and there were African American females on talking about how terrible it is to live and T. R. the west end Evans said in Avondale which is ninety percent black areas because of all the crime and the police are there she valley and all the guys they're they're trying to help trying to do what they can and they're failing not because they're not good police work because of the culture of the acceptability of whatever it is something change the last fifty years or criminal activity is held up as a badge of honor and that failing in school is acceptable acting white means you're succeeding acting poorly means you're acting black weren't held that come from that's not true historically in the black community so instead of saying you know what our policies in the urban areas have miserably failed and therefore we got to change our policies to get different outcomes that doesn't happen at all in the city of Cincinnati Dayton Covington Chicago Detroit Los Angeles done done work the whole urban core of America's been hollowed out by progressive policies that have failed by any objective measurement given a choice what a kid going to use high school or Taft high school or one a and one of those is the exception Withrow high school or whatever given a choice with that kid rather goes to that school or go to Mahler saying next lasalle elder come K. the answer is obvious as far as school vouchers getting black kids out a trap to government schools run by Democrats given a choice the parents of those kids would frequently I think the polling is seven eighty percent give me a voucher to let me go to a functional school so my kid again you get out of the government schools credit only by Democrats and that course the teachers unions will not do that whatsoever they're saying that's not happening at Withrow would work when the scan test scores came out the came out about two weeks ago every high school in Cincinnati but one which is wanted hills had an F. F. like in failure and also there say well we got it we got to get better we simply got to get better well you don't get better unless culturally education is valued and that's traditionally that was the case in the black community it was the case not anymore so it last night on fox nineteen the African American women are saying we just can't take it anymore something's got to be done there's not the Ku Klux Klan or trump or Republicans running around the black community killing a bunch of black folks there other black folks it is not even close to the majority Joe deters has said if you would take one to two hundred out of the criminal element the black community what it be very peaceful it's not like eighty percent or ninety percent it's under five percent those are the ones that need to be targeted but because culturally it's unacceptable for police officers to arrest somebody black it doesn't send the message about behavior is wrong I got some text messages the other day about police were tending to sue a black male who was laying dying in the streets and a crowd formed and the officer on the scene had a call others to come here and help them because the crowd was angry at the cop and I guess angry at that the guy who killed the black guy and that this was possibly a ride a situation developing in Cincinnati not well covered by the media because it doesn't fit doesn't it doesn't and so that is what's happening and there's no attention to that getting back to facts fox nineteen the whole issue was something's got to be done because black mothers black babies are dying in the black community because of the behavior of a few black criminals is not because of hairstyles or is not because of buses that don't show up it's not because of vicious discrimination is not because of trump got nothing to do with it it has to do with the collapse of cultural that's acceptable and the twenty first century so when a kid comes out a most urban high schools in capable of reading at the eighteen year old level or incapable of understanding society the way it is instead of looking at the black community itself and saying what other cultural norms we find acceptable everyone else is blame but those in charge what is it possible and the next twenty to thirty years that a conservative Republican could be elected to the sense in a school board the answer is impossible is it possible in the next election in city Cincinnati twenty twenty one if things aren't good that's suddenly the residents of Cincinnati who vote will say we're on the wrong course this isn't working the government policies of the progressives have failed where they succeed no where so what it would go a different direction the answer is very difficult but it's cultural the cultural collapse of having single moms on government assistance without valuing education and then at the end of the day the think of what happened to my community the answer is liberal democratic policies have destroyed your community Chicago Detroit Cincinnati Covington Dayton St Louis whatever you talk about at the states in America that are losing population California Illinois Massachusetts Connecticut New Jersey New York where they all have in common okay one of the states that are gaining population well Utah Nevada Texas Florida Tennessee Georgia what political parties and philosophies control those states if.

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