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No need to turn to your table and be like that's so true one time. Remember when you were at at the store check no no no. Here's how comedy show works. Comedian onstage says you laugh at joke then you shut up and listen for next Joe and listen for that. There is no thing where you turn back conversation that that that gets annoying The I check drop is the most notorious thing in comedy that Comedians hate. We hate the check drop. That's that's when that's when the show is about ten fifteen minutes away from commending and The comedy club has to cash everybody out so they put the Czechs down for all your drinks and food and then 'cause then people are no longer paying attention. It must be distracted. Some clubs are great. There's a club called the stress factory in New Brunswick New Jersey and they don't do the check drop until the end of the show they wait. Yeah couple of clubs do that but Yeah when that happens because then you have conversations before turning like what two drinks twenty five blocks one God the manager like that old thing so I literally have a pardon my act. That's more story driven and long form and not what Bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-ba and not rapid fire for the check. Drop so you can tune out for a second interesting back in. I've literally put it in there and things like dead like people don't realize the comedians are doing. I'm sure there's a million things in wrestling. We're go like Oh shit in the crowd and no one's watching the Matt. Oh yeah born rules just put a million in hold. Oh yeah not watching US anyways. The you'll always see it like Nassau Coliseum or something's fights in the trawler all all the time on TV. You're supposed to look in this way. Everyone's looking over there. Yeah I was wondering about that 'cause I just watched a w bite for the fallen and there there was I forget what match. There's something where the crowd was booing and cheering but not for like the the time when someone made sense yeah. It didn't make sense at all and I think even even the announcer Said something like they're not reacting to this going on the crowd and I'm sitting there going what's happening in the crowd shoot it. Yeah Yeah yes and then so. Obviously the wrestlers then become aware of that they go all right headlines Ako wrestler. Ah headlock exactly yeah exactly unlock. Yeah do you guys when you hear the crowd do something like that. Like you're conscious of it your. Yeah Oh yeah totally whereas it was supposed to be on like when you're on stage and you know everything that's going on. Yeah it's PR- obviously we were in the round still. I can tell what's going on. I can tell people are into the sides of paying attention if they're looking over here looking over there waiting for something else to go on. Yeah so you have to just learn how to read. Your crowd is what you get with experience and that goes for comedy. It's crowd analysis. If people knew what I was thinking about during my set it would boggle their minds. Because I'm thinking I'm not just thinking about what I'm saying I'm thinking thinking about okay. Like all right win wins. Check drop. Is that person. Videotaping me That person seems like they've had their arms folded the whole time. Let me let me try something else to get them in my cursing too much do they did. They say something I'm in about five minutes. I'm going to tell a joke to call it. A black guy wears a black guy. You're orchestrating the whole thing. Yes which I'm sure whether Iraq show wrestling show. You're probably doing something similar. Let me ask you mentioned arms trust. Yeah when you're especially as an opening putting band you get a lot of arms crossed so for us different ways of saying to their face urge eye contact always makes people very nervous to my they will open up a piano. What what are your tricks? Does a comedian and trying to do that. I contact same thing like a because there's this illusion that a lot of audience members have that the performer former cannot see them i. It's this weird thing what's like well. I'm in an audience. It's like a movie theater and we can see you. We know we can see your reaction. We see when you cross your arms. We see you when you're turning in even if you're if we can't hear that you're talking to a friend we see that you're doing it so yeah there are and So one thing that I've done one trick and I passed the song to a couple of the COMEDIANS. Sometimes you'll have people talking like like I said like. Oh that's so true. Remember the time when like they'll have a conversation sation during your set and they're not realizing that they're being too loud or they're they're drunk or whatever what I'll do is I'll get quieter and I'll start talking very slowly slowly and very quiet and not yelling because if I yell over them. The audience then raises their voice to be heard themselves but if we start getting quiet and they're like and then they become self aware and they're like Oh shit like I can hear me very clearly like no one wants to be that guy at the club where like right before before the music like the music drops out and that's when you're the one screaming so I got for it every fears that everyone. I want to be that person so the whole Jericho character in two thousand eight nine with a suit and tie guy that you use that element completely. I was watching no country for old men with Anton Sugar Yeah Bronco have your burdensome and spoke very quietly rightly so when I started doing that I found that it made. This was in the height of the what right talking quieter. I'm forcing people full to have to shut up and listen to me. And then when they shut up and listen that's when they get into it and then you hook them. Yeah right think about like Think similar things. This happened when you're watching a when you're watching. TV show when when they're having conversation. Win Game of thrones was did a couple of episodes. They're like really dark and we've seen I paid more more attention because I was looking for all the little details and then that's when I because I'm doesn't I'd I'd watch the show with all the lights on in the house and stuff going on phones out like now when it's dark episode and I can't see all lights are off. I'm watching night phones. Done moans now paying attention so there are little tricks like that that you can do that will make An audience pay an is pay attention whether it be comedy or wrestling or Israel or whatever. I I have to compliment you you because I've been watching A. W. O.. I'M A fan. Yes you got me hooked. It seems like that. Eighty W is for the marks and. WWE's like it you know it's like the difference between Your Kiss FM pop music where they're trying to like appeal to everyone they they want. They want People driving their minivan to school not to be offended. Then you then you flip channels too like the death metal station can really like we have our fans it is well. It's like you said it's an alternative to what's now become the norm. Yeah and it's nothing wrong with having people Give people a chance to have options. Absolutely has this great will like you. That are super interesting. Those creating a huge buzz to where were selling pulling out these buildings in five ten fifteen minutes. That was stay like that for the next year. I don't know but at least you're giving people a something different than you said something and I and the see this this love 'cause when whenever we talk you asked me about comedy and I and I and I got to wrestling Using something in a press conference conference where your Promo at five for the fall and was the first time you've walked out there with like no script no I I'm in twenty years because I worked for. WBZ Be so anytime you do not know how shows live events non televised shirts different thing. Yeah just grab the MIC and start talking but but on TV it's always so very orchestrated aided in wwe. So this was the first time I didn't have to do that. And even to the point where I'm not even gonNA come up with an outline. I'm just gonNA I have two things that I want to say and the rest of I'm just going through. Just make it up as they go along and see if I can do it. Live without a net. Yeah I mean. Have you ever done any improvisation. It's not easy as you know but before you answer that Brad. North that time of year where everyone's everyone's thinking about New Year's resolutions maybe you want to be healthier. Eat better start working out so you vow to run bike hike lift more weights. I bet you're not thinking about the most basic activity of all breathing. That's right breathing. Performance breathing is the most overlooked activity. 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