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Now, they're announcements, well, probably once in twenty nineteen or maybe no more times than twenty nineteen and maybe once in twenty twenty Bill what's changed the month of November and December in financial markets across the globe. And on top of that, you could see you can see slowness in trade. You can you can see the liquidity getting sucked out of the system. For them to continue a tight. They would have been the detonator the entire system. And then this past week President Trump there's some vacancies on the Federal Reserve Board. The Federal Reserve is you've outlined we've outlined is an independent group of private bankers. Who's not part of the federal government? Their goal is to enhance the bottom line of the banks that owned the Federal Reserve, they don't give a snot about the public or our country. Dave jammed opinion. I you can you can disagree. If you wish Bill, but. But what's happened? Lately is that President Trump has nominated Stephen Miller to be on the on the on the Federal Reserve Board. Who started a call for a fifty percent or fifty basis point rate cut? And now Larry Cutler Kudlow who is his chief economic adviser who had been speaking about how wonderful the economy was just on Friday. This from zero hedge Kudlow calls for immediate fifty basis point rate, cut signals imminent, recession just weeks ago. President Trump's top economic adviser Larry cudlow was bloviating about the strength and sustainability of the United States economy is the cleanest dirty shirt in the world. Something appears to have scared him as of today. Echoing Trump's latest fed pick. Excuse me. Stephen Moore, Stephen Moore, Stephen Moore Kudlow is calling for the fed to immediately cut rates by fifty basis points. Okay, bill. So we know something happened in November and December. And that's what the fed what happened in the past week that has Kudlow and Stephen Moore. Now calling for an immediate fifty basis point cut. Yield curve fully inverted. Okay. So let's talk about what that means. What does that mean? Well, it means short term rates are higher than long term rates. And what that signifies is a tightness in mcquaid idiot tightness in credit, and if you could go back to the year. Well, let's go back to nineteen thirteen. The fed started. There have been recessions where there was no inverted your curve, what every single time and in financial on Wall Street, speak a work guarantee, or every time you can't really almost can't ever say that in this instance, you can't every single time. There's been an inverted yield curve. It's been followed by a recession. So based on that track record. There's a hundred percent probability of a recession. And we know. With the the debt concentration we have. Now, a recession is not gonna be a garden variety. It's going to become. It's it's probably going to of seems off. And what do you say to those folks Bill who say that we never really recovered from the two thousand eight financial collapse that it was essentially papered over with paper. Whether it's funny money or stock buybacks or financial smoke and mirrors that we never really recovered from the two thousand eight financial collapse. One hundred percent, correct. I mean, you can look at just look at industrial production. I believe industrial production. Never regained the two thousand seven peak to this day. And this is ten twelve years later. You know, Bill a lot of folks are starting to get upset around the country because they said, you know, the the lame stream fake media has. Propagandized us for a couple years that that there was this Russian collusion this Russian treasonous activity between the the President Trump citizen. Trump President-elect Trump President Trump his team. And now with the Mueller report it shows that that was all BS that that was all propaganda. There was all made up. We'll Bill I contend that. The American public has been propagandized by C N, B S, FOX business news. Reuters Bloomberg anybody doing any financial reporting in propagandizing, the populace that all is well and that folks should keep shoveling their money into paper assets such as the stock market. When in fact, if one did not even a deep dive, even a shallow dive on the economic statistics. In fact, they would realize that in fact. We've had an economic issue that never resolved since two thousand and eight and if there is an if folks are reacting negatively to the fake media at this point as it relates to the Russian collusion delusion hoax. What are they gonna do when they realized they've been lied to for? Over eleven years. The public is propagandized on pretty basically every important topic. Obviously one of them is the economy slash markets. What I think you're going to see is. As a backdrop if you look at a pension plans across the nation. Are underfunded your way underfunded. Some of them don't have fifty cents of what they're supposed to have. And as an example, I think it was CalPERS this last week or the week before announced that there. You're going to move the asset allocation of private equity slash venture capital up to sixteen percent of holdings. And the reason they're doing that is because the are underfunded and be there assuming that they're earn seven percent per year. Now where can you earn several good luck? So what they're what they're doing is. They're they're being forced to gamble. I think more than likely pension slash retirement. Plans are going to be. The match that lights up unrest amongst the population because of financial markets and people will be able to see that directly in air their pension results and pension cuts. What they're. The amount or not going to be getting each month. Folks were speaking with Bill halter, J, esmine MANET, mindset dot com. Bill if you look at the financial underpinnings of our economy as it relates to debt and derivatives. If you look at where we were in two thousand and let's say seven and look at them today. And this is really important because folks at FOX business news and CNBC, and Reuters and Bloomberg will never address this. If you look at where we were just the let's say the day before it became evident that there was a financial collapse back in two thousand seven two thousand eight and you look at our debt and derivative associated with that debt. Now, are we better off the same or worse off because this is really important for folks. Right. We're we're way worse off derivatives have increased greatly debt has basically doubled and debt. Doubling is. Versus an economy supposedly what twenty five percent maybe three percent higher than it was twelve years ago. So what you have to do is. You got look at the debt in relation to the underlying academies ability to service that debt pay the data off, and we're at debt ratios now never ever seen before in the US. Basically what you're looking at now are debt ratios only seen in banana Republic. So to those folks are saying, well, okay. But you know, my 4._0._1._K in my IRA has been doing great just because they've been waving this magic wand, and creating this funny money, paper and doing all this stuff. Well, they'll probably be able to do that for another ten years without anything another financial collapse happening. What do you tell those people Bill? That's what they said in two thousand and six right? Which is why which is as I mentioned, which is why you ended up moving out of the country for a while. Right. Exactly. So so Bill what? So so what what should people do that? They that you believe they should do that. They're not hearing that what they should do on FOX business news, and and see NBS because when you listen to those stations, and I do see how what kind of propaganda spilling out, you know, Stuart Varney out there. You gotta buy more Microsoft stock. And oh, you gotta, but you know, I mean, what should they be doing as opposed to what the Stuart Varney of the world are recommending you want to go back to basics and you want to put yourself in a financial show you want to keep your head down. And hide if you will. And that basically means get as much out of the system as possible. If you if you all stocks with a broker have them deliver the certificates out to you. Absolute worst thing in the world would be for your broker to go bankrupt. And you've got stocks with your broker it may take two years three years five years who knows how long it will take for reorganization. So if if you're gonna own stocks, you wanna own companies that actually produce something as opposed to banks or charge companies, or, you know, financial financial organizations if you have big balances in banks. The bottom line is your.

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