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Oh six GMT this weekend from the BBC World Service with me Rebecca says be now the first round of the presidential elections in Ukraine gets underway today. There are some thirty nine candidates on the ballot paper, but three main contenders have emerged through the campaign. Currently the patriot poorer Schenker came to power shortly after the revolution five years ago. He's seeking reelection. But one surprise front runner is comedian Vladimir Lenin ski who has come to prominence through this campaign. Let's cross live to Kiev and our correspondent Joe Fisher who joins us Joe. What can you tell us about this particular campaign? It's obviously the first since the revolution five years ago. And it's been quite different to what we've seen in Ukraine before. It's been very different from what Ukraine has seen before. And in particular that campaign of of law d'humieres, Alinsky as you mentioned that Mr. Zilenski is a comedian. He has no political experience what so ever at. He's not really conducted a conventional political campaign and election campaign in any real sense. There haven't been big rallies there hadn't been he hasn't participated in debates. He's not really given political speeches. Instead he simply carried on his job as a comedian. And he's continued making a TV series in which she appears as a fictional president on TV. It doesn't seem to have his affected his popularity. He is as you mentioned going into this election leading the opinion polls. He's he's about eight to ten points ahead of the rest of the field. So we're bracing ourselves here for for what could be a huge political earthquake. Huge upset if Mr. linski does indeed transformed those opinion poll results into intellectually the ballot at the ballot box. Obviously, we weren't those results till later and this is the first round. There could be another one nine to stand in a couple of weeks time, depending on what happens today Petra Shangqiu has been in power the past five years he swept to power after that revolutions, very popular. Then it's been a difficult. Five years, though, hasn't it with the relations with Russia, and so on how's that have much influence in this campaign? Look relations with Russia, obviously, hugely important for people here in Ukraine. There is still the the ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine where Russia's effectively backing forces that are in two parts of eastern Ukraine rusher, of course, took Crimea as well. So it is it is an issue. But it hasn't really read self as a significant difference in the policies of the three main contenders. Petra Shane cO is more openly. Pro European pro NATO, but the other two of the three main front runners, Mr. Zielinski and Yulia Timoshenko political survive. The former prime minister here, though, they less openly pro European and pro NATO there's really no suggestion from them that they would really follow us significantly different tact in terms of dealing with Russia. I think the simple fact is the political reality here is the Ukrainian people would not really tolerate anything other than a fairly tough approach to to. Russia Moscow at the moment. And so the main campaigning subjects that people have been talking about in Ukraine, one of the the pressing concerns facing people under the the issue with ongoing corruption is always a favorite. Yeah. Corruption has been made a big theme, particularly by Mr. Alinsky and a few things that he had said he has stressed that. Corruption would be tackling corruption will be a priority for him. He simply says that things need to be done in a new in different way in in quite vague way. Yulia Timoshenko the two-time former prime minister here, she is very much a populist agenda focusing on the standard of living. She's talked about reducing the prices of gas increasing the level of pensions here quite how she'd bring that about people aren't quite sure. And from his side, Mr. Parrish co here's really been stressing his kind of stabilizing influence on this country. His his slogan is being about army about the lack about language about the progress that has been made here over the last five years because you must remember that five years ago things were in a state of chaos here. Whatever you may say about Mr. perfect record on tackling corruption which is. Decidedly mixed. He has certainly been a stabilizing influence here. The economy is slowly getting itself back on track. There have been some reforms here to to address the endemic corruption here. So mister Peres shaneco. Those record is mixed. His campaign is really been based on the fact that I have stabilized thing don't take charge by going for someone else. I'm the solid figure that was captured this country needs. And we'll wait to see what happens in those elections today at thank you very much. Indeed now, so vacuums have been those voting, and they voted in a political outsider as their new president Zuzana Chapa Tova is a former lawyer who stood on anti corruption platform, man. She's also the first woman in the country to hold the presidency is the first public vote since the murder of a prominent investigative journalist last year, which sparked widespread outrage Kuchciak could be investigating corruption within the political class in Slovakia before he was shot dead. At his home, and we can speak live now to Michaela turns on E who's editor in chief of the Slovak spectator who joins us live from Bratislava's. Thanks for joining us. What can you tell us about? Miss Chapa Tova. I mean, it's not a complete surprise that. She wanted me think, oh, well, she was the front runner in the election after the third sound two weeks ago, and she won't on a very high margin. Twenty percentage points ahead of model shift to rich. The important thing. Looking at the result is the cheese as you said the first woman to become president cloning, Slovakia, but also in the wider regional central Europe and Siri presents a liberal forces and a very different style of politics and different kinds of political communication that. We haven't seen in Slovakia for awhile. I'm what can you tell us about the role of president in Slovakia? Because obviously in some countries. It's a really powerful position. Is that the case in Slovakia? It's not exactly the case in Slovakia. There is a slight disproportion between the fact that the president is elected directly by the people and the powers that the president actually has. So to a large extent, the president is Representative figure very important symbol of the country. But the president also does have some powers like appointing the government or appointing judges also high level judges the general prosecutor the president can veto loss. Kayla. I briefly mentioned the death of the journalists the killing of the journalist last year, and that continues to to hang over public life in Slovakia. I think. It definitely does and the election of chapel for president. Is is a sign of that. She was she stood for the the months that people have voiced in the states. Throughout the past year. After the murder of young could also the demand for Justice, political fairness. And of course, no corruption colts. Okay. Michaela turns Arnie. Thank you very much. Indeed for joining us live from Bratislav. She's the editor in chief of the Slovak spectator now details have emerged of the final moments of the airline flights which crashed killing all one hundred fifty seven people on board. Earlier this month in nap perfect flying conditions. Just a few minutes after takeoff the plane plunged nose first into ground. Now, the Wall Street Journal says it has information that one of the pilots can be heard saying pitch up pitch up to the other pilot just before the crash. Both men were experienced pilots told Curtis is a former Boeing safety engineer and creator of the website 'Save dot com. He gave me his reaction to the latest details about the crash. Their information seems to be consistent with the limited official pronouncements from the authorities as well as now. By Boeing and others about what may have transpired. And what this is pointing out is that there's probably a very direct connection between the crash in Ethiopia and last October's crash in Indonesia that the core of the problem is the system which is a new part of the flight control system. That was added to the seven three seven max had not been included in previous versions of the seven three seven. So it really does look as if the evidence is mounting against systematic failure. Then that's correct. And I like to point out that it may not be the software itself that is there's an entire system that uses that as part of the overall process and the fault may have been with the options at Boeing presented to their customers insurance. There was a indication that the pilots could have that there could be smell function. But their ability to provide. That indication was not standard equipment. It was something that had to be added at the request of the airline customer and Boeing seems to changed its policy on this making some of those features which had been optional extras they're now saying that they should be compulsory. And that's correct. And it's unclear to me at this point, whether that was because of something blowing themselves thought was a good idea in retrospect or something that was thought of as a good idea. But for whatever reason was required by the FAA when the aircraft was certified in two thousand seventeen it's quite unclear exactly the sequence of events that started at the development of the system and the associated technology with that approval by the FAA as we mentioned, you're a former Boeing safety expert yourself when you look at this and think about the responsibilities you've had in your time with Boeing are. You surprised that the word safety features that were optional. I'm not surprised at that. Because there are a lot of features that are included in the aircraft. They're not there because of specific regulatory requirements of the FAA or the joint European authorities or any other civil aviation authority. But these are things that are put into the aircraft which may be there again for the convenience of the customer or something that's not considered to be critical to the safe conduct of the play in retrospect Boeing may have been incorrect in assuming that this indication system was not a critical function of flight. Course, the investigations are ongoing, and we don't know exactly what will be founder as a result. But what may happen for Boeing, and even the FAA that you mentioned there, if it is proved that the software is is the main culprit here over the long term, I think what will happen is that they're obese efficient engineering capability put on this problem by Boeing and regulatory review by the FAA such at this kind of problem but much less likely to happen in the future. That is a new system being put on the aircraft without apparently enough vetting by the part of the FAA or enough suggested training by the part of boy to prevent this coming becoming an accident. Now in the short term course, there will be the continue grounding of this seven three seven and the flight testing and other changes that will have to be proven to be worthwhile. By by doing that may take several weeks. For several months. There are at least two other nations who have stated that even if he does approve this change that they themselves would go through their own test to assure their citizens at this aircraft is safe the reputational damage it could be quite severe..

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