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From ABC news sign Chelsea written a first of its kind ruling a judge in Oklahoma orders Johnson and Johnson and its subsidiaries to pay five hundred seventy two million dollars for contributing to the opioid epidemic the judge claiming the opioid makers ravage the state and must now remediate the nuisance Oklahoma Attorney General Mike hunter saying after the ruling Johnson and Johnson will finally be held accountable for thousands of deaths in addiction caused by their activities hunter's message of the forty other states that have filed similar lawsuits against opioid makers we dare not go home when you can do it elsewhere Johnson Johnson is released a statement saying it plans to appeal Ribeiro ABC news just justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg makes her first public appearance since completing treatment for malignant tumor under pancreas doesn't bring court justice accepted an honorary degree from the university at buffalo is important to realize that Donna is not some kind of abstract exercise Ginsberg who earned the nickname notorious RBG for her legal decisions over the decades on everything from civil rights equal pay saying she couldn't imagine her popularity yeah people of all ages want to take their picture with me amazing Michelle Franzen ABC news Wisconsin Republican congressman Sean Duffy says he's resigning because of baby he and his wife are expecting in October will have complications including a heart condition carribean islands including Barbados Saint Lucia and Porter Rico preparing for tropical storm Dorian which is now forecast to strengthen into a hurricane later this week ABC news meteorologist Melissa Griffin to an area where it's conducive for it to continue to gain strength as it heads toward parts of the Caribbean island so right now we have trouble storm warnings in effect for some of those Windward Islands thankless Barbados Martinique St Lucia hundreds of people still struggling to recover from hurricane Maria and Porter Rico are stocking up on food water and generators you're listening to ABC news check in with dean has over the traffic.

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