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Us md's are ends to bring the latest science to african md's on our ends. This is not the greatest voting system in the world. No this is just a plurality april off. Don't call me a mo fo i will have you know an expo fo. I was a mo- for show. But i'm oh phone. Nomo murray gregson over fifty off movies. And you still haven't done a few good men. Yeah that is on our list but know that's like three hours long along got along main consideration. We've gotta watch these like two or three times. I also have a great one. That i'm going to tell thomas soon as recording is over it so It will not be next month if i have anything to say about. It looks like freedoms back on the menu. Boys definitely takes not googling advice from any kind of doctor on a podcast. Thank you therese proud sponsor of defense against any crowd health lawsuit your so vain. You probably think this plead is about you. Put your boss. On a performance plan passed the pro. Act the patriot. Names will continue until morale improves and jake taken away. Thomas you do. Chris waltrip seattle pete. My employer evily added an nba clause after years of employment under threat of termination interesting. Christopher brown same cedar spelled c. e. d. a. arm Philly live show. Twenty twenty two. I'll bring the cheese steaks to the fully stocked. Basement bar for platinum night. Lawful copter says andrew thomas from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for all that. You do a live show in sydney australia please. I won't be vaccinated until october at the earliest thanks government. The coin is rigging t. Three be with chinese thermostat controlled by an italian satellite. Ruth's who brisk got us here. Briars will seal our fate to crime or no climbing. What if we tell them that. Ivermectin is about isn't aboard efficient. Yeah robert and while it may may cause infertility in men ivermectin it might depending on the study needs needs more studies an we covered it on the study that made headlines is actually ten years old is not dot well done so but could anyway robert. M canada has president saying martians. Can't sue people in ontario. I envy them. Lou brevity nakao mukasa fame soldier-of-fortune at your service black canyon of the gunnison live show polly hernandez these are just simple. Farmers people the land the common clay of the newest. You know morons. Emily rainbows bents in times. When freedom seems lost great souls arise to reclaim it six one. Four plus to read to cast the deck box halifax still think that must be flavored. Text times freedom seems.

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