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All right. Look at this where completing the circle here on the Dave damasec football program. Anybody who's been around for any amount of time will remember during the pre draft process we visited with and Vander ash and we gave them some tips how to comport himself on draft day. Then at the draft he employed those draft tips. And now he is a member of the Dallas Cowboys. And he told me seeded inbetween late. Ni- Sean Lee, Dallas Cowboys. Great. I asked Layton, well, let me show you the clip here Sean Lee. I think you're going to be very touched by that. I refer you to the monitor right there. I'm being told, we don't have a monitor right there, but anyway. Well, there wasn't. I. Embarrassed. But anyway, the point is the point is Sean. What he said is, is that the one Dallas cowboy who he admired most in the history of of America's team was Sean Lee. He couldn't wait to learn what Sean Lee had to teach him. How does that make you feel? That means a lot. I mean, he has been unbelievable guy coming in and got to watch film of when we drafted him unbelievable athlete, the way he moves the way he knows the game already, but then to come in and work like he's work to know the defense like he knows it's been incredible working with them already. And and how is it been you? You dreamt of getting to work alongside Sean lien August. Now the dream has come true. What can you report back to us? Lee is still kind of surreal and in. I don't know if it's hit me yet, but I mean it's everything I could ever ask for and and finally be in the position now and into learn from guy, like Sean is is. I mean, I literally I couldn't ask for anything better. You got everything. You know, you have absolutely no excuses. When you learn from a guy like him because he knows it all and and he Ilian ROY. I mean, Sean, let's be honest. It's a Little Brown nose, but still it's. Nice when it's directed at you. Right? We'll listen this guy a real deal. And so like I said, when with him there's not too much, teach them. I mean, he's coming in learning everything. There's a Little Brown, no soup. But when I was rookie, I was a Brown nose to I wanted to learn everything. I wanted to be a great football player, and you have to be that way if if you wanna play. Right. Have you guys talked about the fact that one of you has to first names, but no last name and the other one has? No first name, but three last names. And how does that sit with you? Late new. I. Milo. And has three last names think you can figure it out? Lindsey, I kinda kinda, it's fancy. How do I feel about it? Yeah. We just says the first thing I save a to last night. So I've learned is I, I don't over think things like that. Just when it comes to football, try to keep things simple. You got him a dive that deep in in these meetings focusing you've had to refocus kind of on the way you tackle after a lifetime or two lifetimes, where tackling one way, how have you guys have the Cowboys co, how the coaches, or is it an individual thing where you guys have have to take it upon yourself to basically relearn proper technique in the NFL with the new rules? I think the coaches have done a great job teaching the rule the rough came in and did unbelievable job teaching it. You know, it's going to be tough because we've, we've used the helmet and a lot of ways a hit and it's a violent game. We know if we have to keep your head up and that's what we're working on in every single drill. Keeping your head up, making sure you're using the facemask, not the top your helmet. If you work on it over time, you in granite and and you're able to play with it, are you? Are you anticipated? The teams may be based on what you've been watching or playing against over the years in the NFL. Are you anticipating offenses, philosophically, maybe not running between the tackles and short yardage at the goal line and so on and maybe having to throw. Or or run off tackle more than we've seen over the decades in pro football?.

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