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Bowl selection that happened recently? Now, we're going on to the NBA and the game. I really wanna go into his nets and Lakers as a guy that the Lakers drafted won the game on a dagger three. And he wasn't on the Lakers. Do you know who I'm talking about? I think I do who is Angelo rose is name is Dan Gelo, Russell bet that was nice for him. That was we'd sweet redemption for him. I guarantee you, and obviously it was like that like when you have like an ex. And then she's like Dayton a new guy. You know, he seem in public. You know? Eight someone hotter. Yeah. But like for Danja wrestle he last night. He was stretching around like, I'm doing pretty good. Two points thirteen. Assists means you're doing pretty well. I don't need. You ain't missing you at all you think that he was like, oh, you can have Lonzo. You can have all that drama be over here. Doing my own thing. You know? Yeah. Well, Lonzo ball himself had twenty three points, six rebounds, three assists, Brown James had thirty six points, thirteen rebounds. Classic outing for him. Lonzo Bata game. I watched most of this game, and he knew of nine threes. He made five three pointers area though, that really what I thought was really funny when I was watching this game. And he was like in the first half. There's there's three or four minute span where he was on fire like he hit I wanna say like four in a row in like two of them are threes. And he wasn't even thinking just pulling up and then like. He he's like on a heat check. Right because he's feeling it. Right. And then he throws too terrible airballs like back to back, and then Luke Walton immediately pulled of the those pretty funny because it was like the announcers, man. Those never shot it like this the next shots. Oh my God. I think they call that regression to the mean, I think I think the heat check just turn out to be cold. I think that's the way to put it. Hey, you know, what though he can shoot the ball? Like you did last night. Then the Lakers will be a lot supposed to Lakers second straight loss in Brooklyn. Nets on a six game winning streak. Right. I don't now the state your your uncle's Brooklyn nets, you know, or, you know, your five years ago Brooklyn nets or your two years ago or your one year ago Brooklyn that's or the New Jersey Nets to oh. That's too soon. Keith Van horn. What about him? He was into the finals. Rushed back. Carter was no, no, no. That was afterwards. I probably now. But they went back to the Lakers. And then they went again in lost. Again. They went back to back lost twice. Did they I don't remember Keith Van horn two thousand three they also the Spurs. Oh, okay. So yeah, they and it was a joke on both the cans swept I believe by. Who was they got like, thank you. I don't know why just blinked on the lakes. The lakers. The Sixers in the net spectacular does two thousand. No, maybe pretty bad. Well, they got swept in Byron Scott was the head coach of that team. The nets team and then they lost in six to Gregg Popovich on the Spurs. You know, what I find interesting about you mentioned Barron, Scott what about he was asked in two thousand one. If if somebody was not a fan of the NBA and you wanted to show them, but you were right? It was the Sixers on that's continue. Byron Scott was asked in two thousand one if you could take somebody to an NBA game to show them like what the NBA's like, you know, he he know where he said that he would take them to where did he he said if I could take anybody to game to show them what the NBA was all about. I would take them to Sacramento, really. He did..

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