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It's like oh. He's drying dead either way if he sits in the end with acts earth but do think that if he used this week as the opportunity to take out the jury would really really respect him for that and might like some of these people might be more willing to vote for him so i i don't know i sure we can talk more about this Like on the round table or whatever. But i but like i see in response to tiffany is the most responsible for getting out to the end. Tiffany's the best player in the house in response to that a lot of like but it's her fault. She played so messy. She should have. She should have done better. She should have set herself. A better in the cookout. and that's not It's also nothing to do with what we just said. Yes and it's a lot of like she's the best player of all time and then she would have been able to do this. Who said she was the best player of all time. Got at least certainly not me at least right and you can be the best player in the game and still make mistakes and still lose the game. We've seen that time and time again. Especially if you have other motivations beyond your own selfish interests and and that is that is what we've seen. I also just want to say that. I think that there's a lot like this season's specifically for me has really helped made me see that there is like this really important part of a big brother game that involves like socio emotional management within others and within yourself specifically and i think that what we've watched is tiffany realized that she's giving up a possible win for the cookout to get to the final six so then instead of working to make that scenario work for her she became resentful and she. You know yes. Yesterday she was going around apologizing to a lot of people. I think partially for strategy partially. Because she's very serious about it. But i think that she really let her emotional life get the better of her and she didn't work enough to make this final. Six zero really worked for her and i think i would love to have more in depth conversation with you about you. Know my my theory on all of this. Maybe we could do a different podcast. It's not the morning update about this. But i just think that there's so much to mind there and i can't wait for the round table tomorrow to hear what everybody has to save so We get to big denies. They're gonna talk more about next week. aasa has told big d. She is down to come in. Third place If if he wants to bring a To the final he made a prior commitment He he even leads to niamey. And worse case you go out in fourth.

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