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Superintendent Eddie Johnson and US attorney John Loesch the superintendent tells CBS they started off the. Long weekend with several enforcement actions We had. A rain that. Started on Thursday I think over one. Hundred targets have been arrested you know some of those people will be taken, federally of course you know. But we do different things like that to make sure everybody can have an enjoyable weekend He says the department time to raid so as to get violent offenders off the streets at the beginning. Of the weekend antsy hardy NewsRadio on one zero five point, nine FM after a fifteen hour lull in which no one was reported shot in Chicago Seven people were shot. In wounded in separate incidents from yesterday, into this morning across the. South and west sides the most recent shooting was four thirty in little village police say at twenty four year old man was walking in the twenty seven hundred block of west twenty fifth street when he was shot in the abdomen, he is in critical condition police, had to restore order before the funeral mass in little village for six of the ten children. Who died last weekend sleepover fire the story, from WBZ m.'s Bob Roberts Chapelle Berta Rojo's preached a message of. Peace harmony and compassion but the mood beforehand. Was ugly twenty minutes before the mass began a. Fight broke, out inside of Our Lady of Tupac church, it spilled, onto cirmac, road in a crowd chased them half a block down Whipple street before police could bean And restore order mourners exchange gang signs TV cameramen was harassed and other photographers, across the street from the. Church were, told by a man and a gang hat to stop shooting photos in video Bob Roberts. News Radio one zero five point nine out that this is Labor Day weekend busy time on.

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