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This is for long as always been there I assume when nobody knows that I guess all right how do you pronounce the name of your town ministers are Manasse fashionistas that's right thank you and actually I'm in right now I'm in a little town called Ellensburg all I know well and birds are you must know about a rodeo here Dan how sure okay well so yeah we've been there for several years and you know we we just take all you know we take all of our trash rubbish or anything we have to we have to get rid of we take it all in all everyone throwing their stuff and all the people from around there through all the stuff in the hole for me since it's been going on for a long time well you know I I you know I got to thinking one day how come the whole is not filling up the must been awfully deep hole that's a good thing to consider sure as you throw stuff in it for decades literally and so you know I used to be a well I would say pretty close to a professional shark fishermen side couple of huge fishing reels went out there and started leading the line down I figure after one did you wait so long yeah there there is there is in fact the original line is still down there I've just been adding to the line and keeping track of how much line I've used so I've not reeled in how much weight is on there the one pound weight at the bottom of it one pound weight on her own way it's a triangular one pound weight okay and so that's at the bottom of it at first some of the words will go down kind of like a plumb Bob exactly exactly effective rate across the.

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