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That along with the picture from the new york post majlis shamed you remember that ten years ago she took a picture it was annie liebowitz she was basically covered in a blanket but you know it was a little suggestive she was fifteen years old at the time showed a seemingly topless hannam on back when she was on hannah montana is she was forced to apologize for it and she told she said even back then i mean i had a big blank on i thought that looks pretty and really natural i think it's really artsy she was forced to issue a public apology for participation quote my goal in my music and my acting as always to make people happy for vanity fair i was so honored and thrilled to work with anne took part of photo shoot that was supposed to be artistic and then this was a repulsion now seeing the photographs and reading the story i feel so embarrassed never intended for any of this that happened i apologize to my fans who i care so deeply about by the way you think disney had any part in her making that apology back then this is a little bit liebowitz call it a simple classic portrait i think it's very beautiful women with women and it was you know people do i wasn't nude it didn't cross the line and it's too bad that she felt like i give her a lot of credit for standing up for herself nowadays yeah and isn't isn't that what a young woman is supposed to do is exp i mean you know in her case she's a public figure so for her to explore what those boundaries are and embrace herself me nuts isn't that female empowerment is to embrace your your your own being yeah yeah i mean of course it's done in a fairly public way because she's this gigantic public figure you know that's the that's the disaster of being a child star is that you're in the public i you know i can even say that about justin bieber and i mean on and on and on about all these child stars teenagers going through what every teenager goes through except they're doing it in the public eye i actually feel bad for them that they have to deal with that and i a good for her.

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