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He had this to say nobody's been out here. But all the news media want to do is interview the victims. You know what about getting us some help? What about getting us about a water? Although damages widespread along portions of the Gulf Coast, FEMA Administrator Peter Gainer says it's less than what was feared. The weekend storm is predicted to curve east through Kentucky and Tennessee. By tomorrow night and around the Lake Charles area, There is a fire billowing with smoke around a chlorine plant. California Attorney general Hobby Arbor. Sarah is announcing a win for California Public School. The Sarah says he's secured a preliminary injunction against U. S Department of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is unlawful attempt to pull pandemic relief funds away from California K through 12 public schools. The court ruled that Secretary DeVos likely undermined congressional intent by unlawfully reinterpreting the Corona Virus Relief Act or cares act. Sarah says this decision will help school District's confront the challenges of the cove. It 19 pandemic. Dan Noone KOGO news The FDA is morning shoppers about hand sanitizers package to look like drinks. They've discovered some packaged in beer cans, Children's food pouches, water bottles, juice bottles and vodka bottles, some sanitizers or even flavored like chocolate or raspberry. The FDA is warning you against consuming sanitizer, obviously because it could cause serious illness or death, especially for a young child who may mistake the bottle for a drink. The Border Patrol is gearing up to build a small section of border wall along the Tijuana River in San Diego. Construction on the wall begin after the second public comment period wraps up September 24th 0.2 Miles. It's just west of the Shannon future report of entry It is going to mitigate in area that currently is not secured by border wall system. So essentially, folks can making illegal entry into the U. S. So it is an effort to mitigate that, but also to take in consideration any impact that this project may have to the environment, too. Local businesses. Daily Life any patrol agent Justine Castro in saying the publican comment by email using San Diego comments that cbp dot DHHS dot gov Project will include the 30 FT high steel ballers that protested in no time Mesa a 20 ft Wide Road in a 4 Ft..

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