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Who Whatever your robot sidekick with you'll just have the like instead of Alexa fly to Peru. It would be a couch fly to Peru place. What's the name of your allergy couch? Yeah. That's pretty good. As. He isn't A. Couch not tim couch. Well. That'd be a that'd be good I, think. I think. I, if like they were someone was playing, it's going to be out. Yeah, I do think like Seth Rogan would it might be like? My play the voice of couching I could see that a cow could you be talking? I don't know I think in the movie. Yeah. If we're going Seth Rogan doing to move yet. I told the owner out. Yeah Hollywood, we need the couch talk we can't just have it Have we need like a kit or something studio beyond that note coming in Yeah We're ready have suffered on the phone. Seth Rogan as couch. Man You guys get sidelined in your own movie. That sad. What do you think would how do you know who's playing rob? Rob What do you think would play you I'm not playing myself. Well either. Deeply yourself office opening if you're playing yourself. I guess that's why we got rogan. The studio wants some starpower. WHO YOU'RE GONNA, get the play me. Rod. Okay. Has the superheroes are okay? We Timothy. Shalmi. Own. Do, you know it's going to superhero movie. Yeah Kevin. Do. Are you a big guy? I. Mean. I saw little women and I really really liked it. I can't. So this this might sound. See charlemagne taking the part. I don't know him. Well, a lot of these young especially white skinny guys sort of look the same to me I hate. But they're kind of putting together so I cannot tell your Shalam as from your. I can't even think of another one year no Tinos from gases. all the boys. When he was in. pelham lowest and Taddeo or or shallow may back up the brinks truck will we'll backup couch full of cash shes. Okay. So we'll have to figure anything else about my costume. The last the last thing I would ask. So it seems like I know the answer for Akiva on mobility versus style he definitely wants something comfortable I feel like you're leaning comfortable but not Not. Just sweats year you seem like you want something that's a little bit want something. That's a little more professional sweatpants. Oh look at this guy. I. He's mad at me for lying down the job last week, and now he thinks sweatpants or are you mad that I'm wearing sweat pants? Right now. I can't tell you. Now I'm wearing shorts I mean like to Beirut on our drills. We're seeing how Robbie comes villainous. He's just he has very specific standard and people aren't following then. Sidekick and that just gave rob carte blanche moments is what I'm wearing. I. Think I should have like a uniform I think that you know the best part about a uniform is that you don't have to think about what you're gonNA wear everyday. True you have multiple. Yeah. You know if if Josh was here, he point out that Rob Kevin famously only wears plaid shirt. So. True it like I. Mean I wish I didn't I wish my added a different you I wish my uniform was I just had the same shirt everyday that would be my dream to be like the flash just like okay. Here's my flash shirt. To. The today again. You don't WanNa be plaid man. You don't want that to be yours. You're not I sort of feel like I'm boxed in that. You'd like to get out. You know it's like. What are your colors? Let's let's let's flip around out the costuming with what are what are the colors your, what are your favorite colors here Do Blue. Orange and white wrong. Yeah. I mean I like that. That's good. You'll be like beautiful collars. Yeah. Okay. So you're. Matching colors matching. Batman and Robin match. I Dunno know. Now. Okay. Just one of us. What if one of US wears blue and onto the mets another one wouldn't whereas green. You can tell you take the green and white I'll take the green and white yeah yeah. Dennis Burke on. Yeah. You almost my uncle. Blue and orange you also are wearing gator colors. So yes. that. All right. That's good. All. Right. So okay. Here's where we are and here's what I have determined. Is going to be for you guys a term in terms of your look and your styles and I think I have names. Rob You can. You can manipulate yours as you see fit but with your time listen time manipulation powers. Possible those tendencies but you work together with Kiva you have a more professional uniform. It's a pretty slick closer to something like what the flash wears in the TV show it is functional but comfortable. Blue and orange colors. No mask. No Cape. So you're almost in like a speed suit Steve. That sounds good. And I the name I. tweeted that this week, the speeds who was wearing. When he has to go for his run nup go runs anymore he does his kids to go get the copy now And the name have for you is freeze frame from over your time stopping powers. Okay. Like that. I like Kiva. Again and I drink iced coffee. Yes. There is MR freeze right is that a papillon bad guy is Mr Freeze? Yes. Okay. I already have a catchy theme song..

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