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Fly ball to right it's not that deep cargill settles under it makes the kids here why got away get cardinals gough in the bottom of the night three to check oregon with the call on koa harrison baiters scored in rockies manager but black said the cards took a calculated risk real made a strong throw but the hov just wasn't right it was a tough hawk for for hamuda to handle youngster was flying minute was a gamble on their part but the gamble with speed worked series finale is tonight in the lewd jeff hoffman goes against carlos martinez coverage starts at five forty on koa trade in baseball red sox picked up at wardoyo noon years for from the giants for a couple of minorleague pitchers the non waiver trade deadline is neck next monday we're now just one day away from broncos training camp it begins tomorrow what you see how training centre second round pick demarcus walker ready to get out of the ground israeli jews taken a series of joe course caller was to be given fight and i listen to those in our own because idaho outta who are who coached role all career medical school in college who calls in this way we're going to just the broncos the brought in former head coach gerry kubisiak back to the organization he'll be the senior personnel advisor and service to scout out of his texas home by the way tomorrow colorado's morning news live from broncos training camp but you see how training centre virginia police said in a statement that a man charged with shoplifting on june twenty second was not former cowboys wide receiver lucky white ed as originally indicated whitehead in his agent said yesterday or the other day was a mistaken identities situation and they cited flight records to prove whitehead wasn't in virginia at the time of the incident quote let's not sugarcoat anything i was pretty much being called a liar and quote white told the dallas morning news is agent says several teams have reached out expressing interest in signing his client sports brought to us by the law offices.

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