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The quiet end of got the dogs asleep so it's a good time to record or we'll see how long they can sleep. Well right in the worst that can happen. While they're sleeping is there could be a little dog snoring but should be pretty good. Let's get started. Okay angie ray. Dodge was born december. Twenty first nineteen seventy seven in vancouver washington. She is the youngest of four children and was the only daughter of carole and jack dodge. Angie a gifted intelligent girl very enthusiastic. She really loved nature and outdoor activities. Camping was one of the favorite things that her family did together. And angie became really resourceful at setting up the tent finding water and cooking over an open fire and she really loved christmas. Her birthday was just a few days before christmas and was celebrated with a big combine family christmas and birthday party and he loved the big family. Christmas parties gave gifts of her specially made christmas necklaces. And the party's always included a program to celebrate the birth of jesus and angelic part of mother. Mary yes so really a wholesome family although of course they weren't without their problems but angie and her cousin. Eliza would make playhouses under the staircase of the family's home and then the two girls would play there for hours with their cabbage patch. Dolls elissa wrote for the website. Angie dodge dot com that each doll had a special name and a little pacify and those dolls really seemed real to them as little girls. It was important to both of them that they took good care of these dolls by feeding bathing jing diapers even scheduling naps. So they were way into this and she started out in preschool in san diego california but then she attended elementary school. Junior high and high school in idaho falls in high school. Edgy tutored younger. Children in both math and english and she graduated from. Idaho falls high school in nineteen ninety five with honors. Angie was a bigger girl she was six feet tall plus. She was very gregarious and outspoken. So a person that was really hard to miss and a person who had a big group of friends angie's mom carol has written about her. Last precious moments spent with her daughter on june twelfth of nineteen ninety six. Angie had stopped by the family..

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