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Confusion and mystery yet okay so what you're hitting on big time right it's almost like what would be a an easy example is that okay i have a headache and so the docker someone that trust told me to take aspirin you take aspirin products a headache we get headaches up much action that like twirler what are whatever it is right you take you take something for headache and it works like okay good okay and then at some point you say stomach ache you go to the doctor the stomach ache and they go you know what listen a little test all you've got some all servers how often do you take you know that the headache medicine why take it three times a day no no no no you gotta stop doing this too much but it works i don't have headaches but not yet also so it's a little bit like this system that got you here and i see i see this all the system that got me to a certain phase of my life in this phase of my life has worked but there's limitations essiet with like world class athletes that say you know what got me here i've got two gold medals i've got you know this that and the other accolades but there's another space that i need to figure out because this is no longer working anymore and so it's like now the question is do you stop taking the medicine right because the pattern the initial pattern was that yet headaches so now you gotta figure out how to not have ulcers and not have headaches.

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