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His tribesmen from asian which meant all the land would be lost because that would be all they would have to sell right. This is a remarkable part. The story is fictional. but this part of it is true. It's absolutely true and with an eighth grade education. Assemble this group wrote letters and couldn't be more true a that's what started it. I couldn't believe knowing what he went through. Has the nightwatchman trying to stay awake all night. And by day letters going to meetings Traveling around the state of north dakota wherever he could doing whatever he could to assemble a delegation I couldn't believe what his life was like. He said he he had twelve hours of sleep. Most weeks you for those of you. Who don't know your story as well tell us just a bit about your background and your connection to the turtle mountain band of chippewa. I well so my mother is turtle mountain chippewa f. As was my grandfather and so am i. i am an enrolled. Member citizen of the turtle mountain band of it would be impossible for me to say that if termination had indeed won the day so my father is german. I'm a very mixed person and yet being a citizen of a nation within our nation gives one a certain sense of It changes your life. It means that. I i care deeply about my people. My mother's people. And i grew up knowing who i was and accepting all parts of myself and this is a part that i realized would not have existed. Had my grandfather not fought for it. Did you grow up speaking Is it is it. Ojibwa the language that the chippewas speak. It's so gyp way moen or initially be mowing or at the time that my grandfather was speaking at just plain chippewa. I didn't grow up. He was the last fluent speaker in the family. And i am very proud to say. My daughter is the next fluent speaker because she is teaching at an gibb way immersion school..

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