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And i think that's what the tigers may have done with cabrera but they signed him way too early broschi gave him at two hundred plus million dollar deal before he was even a free agent and i feel terribly from a gal said such a great career but people remembering him now for the fact that he's hurt the last two years more than he's ever been and he's still signed to twenty three it's not the end of the world for detroit as soon they just write it off they may have insurance for it it's not killing the sport the way i claim that each wrote deal was ten years ago it's not it's just making teams rebuilding much more difficult what can you tell us about the early years of miguel cabrera because he doesn't seem like the type took very good care of himself he was a young member we call them up in three he was twenty years old and he was betting clean up in the world series his first year and he had the view that that's how life was going to be win multiple rings everything would be perfect and like many players find out when you live hard like we all do you're up late at night you play baseball you have to be in shape when you're young you're invincible all of a sudden you get older your body hurts you don't recover as well from nights out and it just changes the way you can play and there's a lot of examples of players who as they get older become less effective because they continue to live the way they lived but they can't recover and by the way the same for us right we're fifty the hangovers or worse now than they were twenty years ago and so for miguel he just needs to realize that he's not young anymore but these injuries have nothing to do with partying they have nothing to do with staying up too late they're just bad.

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