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Ninety four two one five five nine two nine four nine four look it's been a weird week I was gonna jump back into the dock we stuff in the and the wide receiver stuff but you know I I've said my opinion on this up throughout the night it is been a strange week and that the craziest part of of the world we live in right now and the uncertainty is like I I think I said this couple weeks ago and when we kind of saw all the starting to happen that I always could predict you know a weaker or someone advance what we'd be talking about here and W. I pay it I thought it was it was fun for me to do like football season as a rhythm to it we react to the games after the game that we kind of turn over look towards the next week and they'll be moments where days about Doug Pederson Carson Wentz like the big names the big picture stuff that everyone that we all react to when after the game and the baseball season arrives you kind of know the rhythm of the baseball season and we know after Sixers games like I I have no idea for the first time ever what we will talk about next week on WPA I have no idea I mean I will bring about something to be always be something for us to to it she wanted this week we had a little freezing which was a wonderful distraction I I give credit to the end I thought I know a pro football talk this week or early in the week they were in a kind of ripping the NFL for going through free agency and legal tampering at the start of the new league year because the insensitive in nature to it considering what's going on the world right now in our country many many people are are basically either quarantined or so you're doing the social distancing thing which is the right thing to do right now so this week I I thought the NFL did the right thing and having a problem with that I think it was insensitive I think was wrong I did think it was a problem whether they were able to conduct business remotely I conduct business through email and fax it whatever whatever they do but they have to be in the same room like it the way the world is that you can do things like that I thought it was a great and necessary distraction for for sports fans out there I'm not be honest and have a talk about this week as I'm trying to focus on the good stuff there is to talk about and react to the stuff that that we do have opinions on but I'm gonna start missing sports soon that this if you like this week was a Maraj because look within itself reinstatement this week was outside of the tournament with that's we missed this week outside the tournament this week really in terms of us talking about sports it would've been a different we would have thrown a couple like we probably had some opinions on who's gonna make the Phillies roster but like real sports outside of the tournament we didn't really miss much this week and I love the tournament this week was always going to be the NFL freezing next week is the first week that I can't like wrap my minor next week was supposed to be opening day on Thursday like it we can you kind of close your eyes and get through the first week I'm gonna start really missing watching games next week Tucker this is about to get weird and the one weird thing is like we we've talked about a lot more very aware of how the sports world pretty much the world general stopped but it's still somewhat of a novelty right like we still come in everyday and like it's a crazy like no sports are and we can still talk about that in this there's this feeling of newness because we've never experienced this that's a that's gonna wear off like this feeling of newness and an adventure like when you're a kid you have a snow day like isn't this interesting like this is fun like that is going to be like well this sucks like things that were used to happening every day or just gone yeah and that is the rhythm of it the rhythm of the day it's just different like for me like you know watch the we watch games every night we talk about them and then like my routine I got I liked I love to read and I read good writers like give the athletic or whoever the choir like it's just part of my routine always has been since I was a kid like every good stuff what Weber writes it were because of all read it and now it's like what why am why am I going there like I'll I still check it out and I still see what if there's a story that I find interesting but right now it's like I can't read about the Phillies have server competition does exist I can't read about you know Brett brown's rotations they don't exist right now I can't remember the the only thing we have right now and bugs I'm grateful it was football but it's going to be weird for the first time today I sort of think about next week you know like all right next week but with the but when we think Monday will be and I'm like I have no idea zero eight zero idea what it's going to be like as a sports fan the next few weeks it's gonna be very straight I think Thursday is going to be an odd day the day that was supposed to be opening day to not have it it's gonna be weird I'm sure a lot of you feel the same way it's like a sense of he like many of us have gone on vacation right you're on vacation for a week or two you probably leave your sports routine you're with your family you're doing things right a feature different country may be on a cruise whatever you do and and for a week or two you can leave your sports direct I've done that plenty of times over the years throughout vacations and what not but you come home at you come back he was similarly back in you put the game on you check the standings and all that stuff you catch up and you go back to normal as as as a sports fan and those things are not real right now it's it's it's very very odd and my sister also made an article this morning the Rick Reilly wrote it wouldn't have a big fan of but we'd reckon right he writes the Atlantic now and it was this like he's just like meandering I guess no idea what to do what is that like there's no sports to talk about or write about or watch and he's like he's lost I feel like we're all gonna be that guy what's weird is like working these hours we miss a lot of games right like when when the Sixers are on on the fires around Phillies absolutely broadcast those games but for the most part I like anything that happens at night we normally miss because we're working I wonder what it's like to just be home during that time like me being home during the day like they're still showing family feud for four hours or anything like it it's it's different for when you're home at this time and I knew expect those to be on every night at seven o'clock and you're just sitting there staring at an empty string that I think that's why baseball's gonna hit me the most like the sport I watch them I mean football I watch every eagle moment but like this the sport I watch the most so many games my favorite sport I'm on and before and after all those years I have all the other games up on my computer like it that's the what baseball's gonna be weird when baseball supposed to be here and it's not that's that's gonna be two one five five nine two ninety four ninety four Jos in Mayfair what's up Joe Hey Joe pleasure thing I hope you your family or well you too Joe what's up tonight but you know before I get a sports topic you know when we get through this as a country and as the global yeah I think a lot of you guys are going to be coming down a lot after this is over being allowed to go outside to watch a little league game you know gonna miniature golf course or your little ones I think the smaller things in life that we take for granted as the human population I think it's going to slow the world completely downward baseball's not to be such a fast pace a slow paced game anymore for the joy of being able to go outside and breathe fresh air get a hot dog I hope players realize that they're not bigger than everybody else but I might sign an autograph for two but I really do think that if this last two three months or whatever that everybody takes a real art would realize that you're not bigger than the world you're not bigger than life and right now we are begging for sports to come back every day it's going to get worse and worse and worse because we want something we can't have yeah Joe to go away not let's not take sports program or life for granted once we get through this but I love your NFL your rankings its it's refreshing to hear something like that I think it will be even after politics career is at the forty Niners finish to invoke Buccaneers finished seventh you have a garage below go against Brady in a playoff game pretty crazy but I think that she made sure that is going to be better than the forty Niners is the Seahawks were decimated with injuries when they were getting hot running backs lost linebackers lost it was twelve I think twelve other twenty four starters going in the last couple weeks of the season and I just think that team is going to be the best email that's the this year and I did and I was always take a step back you know when you go to your ball you lose take a step back yes you can either do that this year and I just think for some reason I see hawks that you don't get a lot of football the love of life P. Carroll amazing coach amazing person you know coming out as apple for both these major bridge is going to bring in I just hope that when all this is said and done just that we all look at sports or life or just don't take it for granted that you're not bigger than life you're not bigger than the sport and the athletes the coaches the media all the egos come crashing down a few and realizing that we're all the same and that's what I want to live with I love it man and and I I I hear you on Seattle going to be really good at present a phone call yeah I thought last year over rated and and kind of fraudulent as the team they had and they were winning all those close games but they're going to better this year they're a better football team I agree with you on that and it feels like the I feel like it's time for Russell Wilson to go back to the Super Bowl Russell Wilson is the best quarterback in the NFC not I've listed all these teams M. I. rankings of of the you know where they are right now in the NFC power rankings that that I put together just based off of free agency so far and and we know about these teams like there's no question in my mind that the best quarterback in the NFC entering two thousand and and twenties Russell Wilson so I could certainly see the Seahawks the best team in the conference in yeah it's it's true it's I I I hope that we're all in this together and I'll end with this this week that this along with this for the week as we head to the weekend here just think about or think about other people before you do what you do I am the last weekend I was frustrated as look at so many morons going out and so acting normally and and this week I think more things have changed to make us wake up that this is not just a normal time there is a lot going on here in the world so do your best to be smart all the social distancing we need I'll be back on Monday here will be here on Monday I don't know we're.

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