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A for anchor ten dollars and boasted eric in weapon are capable of tang i'm kinda nominal price for their birth control mostly american women aren't bearing the cost on their own either remember our households air clean made up of men and women and a lot of families barrett to fix it gather arm it again they're not a very high cost here looking both basic or him and i understand that a lot of brick and call i'm not or contraception by the help regulate their hormones are to have a different kind of healthcare anita health condition that it benefit from taking act after getting our progress uh pipe bomb drag every month and i understand author of act um medical don't react wealthier the most basic held at on the market they they need a different kind of drag on women burke with yet scott me arm family event for i'm it get an entered yegor and divide those of course are gonna come after a lot more money through there there for immersed and and or women and that really apathy exwife that they make the wicket by from air got eric rather than f and why hey good insurance coverage a half we're speaking with headley heath manning i've only got about a minute left halle by did want to ask you is planned parenthood a good resource for contraception and women's health care you know i understand that they do defence a lot of contraceptive part of what eighth year the organization that about five hundred million dollars every year from the federal government on equity if they get a lot of money through the medicaid program reimbursing them or defence thing on contraception they aren't the only type of clinic that best health department and a lot of other federally operated fat lowcost by nick can provide as as to act types of contraception to women we have what called title pan which are at federally sponsored program that provides birth control act no cost to women who truly fay um you know i'm kinda financial um inability to pay for their own birth control so if we were to make came to get f a s mandate a five five health insurance.

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