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The worst drug epidemic in us history so peter when we broke you had base she can walk you through how the opioid crisis grew when it grew into different ways off label marketing essentially where opioids went from a a a product if you will a medicine to deal with the most is sick amongst us those who were terminal those who had severe pain from cancer and what not to being prescribed for stuff that was far too dangerous to prescribe a tomb we talked about the sort of a costbenefit analysis of getting things like x rays and what not and then you also brought up the fact that there was a failure of the government entities that were supposed to monitor how much of these controlled substances these prescription pills were going into different regions of the country so that something would lift a red flag and i think people are aware at this point of of places like a counties in west virginia right where there were pills like millions of pills per person prescribed supposedly so what's happening there i mean this is just like they're they're getting black marketed at the phone off atrox what's going on let me give you abboud background the distributors like i said earlier were supposed to be reporting the suspicious activity so no sold this data was all under the cover of darkness it went to the deviates called the arcos database it was an open to the public state regulators didn't see it the only ones that got it were the da so a few years ago the west virginia ag filed suit against these distributors and as part of that at suit had access to at least two summaries of its arcos database well the charleston gazette which is the paper charleston west virginia the reporter asked for the summary from the database on a foia requests of freedom of information act so the courts had nope subject to a a protection order will the trusting is that actually intervened in the lawsuit and ultimately got access to the arco since you only state in the country it's actually seen this arcos database and on the front page of the west virginia papers through charleston gazette for several days in a.

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