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I wonder how long they're gonna let them get away with this. Who, um, Pepsi, The Pepsi Cola, you know? They have a new drink that they're trying out. It's got it's a chocolate cola drink. It's called Coco Cola. Hopefully, Coco Cola. How long are they gonna? How long is it gonna be before Coax clues? Listen, I can't do this. It'll be close. Uh, I mean, I'll try it. I don't want to have to buy a whole case or a six pack of, but I'd like to buy just a bottle to try it. My mom used to my mom used to take a Coke and put like Hershey's chocolate syrup in the Coke and making chocolate. Broke, so it's the same. So I think people have been doing that kind of thing for a long time, but but just the name seems to me. Coco Cola, Coca Cola. They're gonna have a little trouble with that, Aren't they? Well, think, E if you don't have a dash in between the cocoa and cola Is that would cause Coke could say we have a dash in our logo. And if you if it's not red and white, I mean, the label I saw was blue and whites and maybe try to confuse people. That's what I mean. That seems what they're doing, You know. Anyway. Gillian Anderson. She was great. On the this latest season of the crown, she played Margaret Thatcher. And she was incredibly good at it. I had no idea that she was actually the I don't know if they were married, but the creator of the Crown Peter Morgan, They? They were a couple they have separated. It has been announced, says Gillian Anderson and her writer partner, Peter Morgan, who worked get though they worked together on the last season of the crown, have split amicably after four years together. No one man can handle Gillian Anderson. If you if you haven't seen the crown, I kind of got into it and fell into this last season. On. They say this is the they're not going to do any more after this. But with Gillian Anderson and Olivia Colman Together. Uh, she, Olivia Colman plays Queen Elizabeth. They're just incredible. It's just it was a great series. Let's see. French president Macron has tested positive for Covic. And he's symptomatic. He's not feeling great. He's got Yeah, Yeah, he he took a test as soon as the first symptoms appeared on Thursday yesterday. And he will self isolate for several days in line with national health authorities. Recommendations had covert tests yesterday as well. Oh, yeah. You don't have a follow up for being right. It's that University of Utah. It's called Hope. Project. On. I said to my wife was we're all sitting there in the car waiting doing and we had a blood draw and a saliva test yesterday. And It's not because any of us are sick. It's because we're part of this that the university just reached out to Think only places around the university. I don't I don't think it's all you know, Statewide or citywide. I'm not sure though You're in the neighborhood, and they and I said, Well, why are we doing this exactly? And she said well to get the $30 gift cards. No, But why is the U doing it? Apparently, it's really not. That doesn't have that much to do with Helping out the situation. Now it's research that may aid If there's a UNEP ID Emmick in the future, it's tracking. How thing how the how the pandemic, how it's spreading how the virus is spreading on that sort of thing and a little bit of economic impact as well. Let's see how Speaker Brad Wilson has defended His decision to cut Salt Lake City School district employees from covert 19 bonuses that the Legislature is handing out unless students return to the classroom instruction. In an interview with Fox. Mr. Wilson, Republican from Kaysville acknowledge that solid city district employees could be left out when the bonuses go into effect because they are online on Lee right now. That potentially could be the case. However, I hope not the case, he said. I hope that we have all of our students in the state with the ability to have in classroom instruction in the beginning of 2021, he said. House speaker reiterated his belief that every student should have in person learning experiences. Sure, they should. Sure he pointed out that the Legislature's executive Appropriations Committee budgeted for 121 million Every teacher to have the bonus and he said they could have the bonus. All they have to do is what were stipulating is that they have to get students back into the class. Listen in January, you can wish 100 times and that's not going to make the pandemic go away. I would wish that Republicans would be blessed with empathy, but that's not going to happen. You know, he's acting like it's up to the teacher's not It's up to the school board. So you're saying we're withholding this bonus from you, and there's absolutely nothing you can do. About it, and I find it interesting that there are online teachers that charter schools that the provisional allows for them to get the bonus, But not these Salt Lake teachers that don't have a choice, whether they're in person or you lose. As you see all that live in that area. The vote for him remember his name when it comes around and vote against him. It's pretty clear that the reason the Legislature has done this and Brad Wilson has done. This is and there are numerous examples of this. Any chance that they get to slap Salt Lake City and county in the face. They'll do it. Yeah, those liberal headquarters. You know, that's because we're all a bunch of sinners. Yeah. You know, they're my I'll bet they're more cigarette smokers in Salt Lake. And then there are in Kaysville. Guess what? I'll bet they're more milk drinkers, too. You know why? Because there's more people. Oh, finally, this Well, I was going to do a story about how so Here's Here's Donald Trump. You have any doubt at all that he's a petty, awful human beings don't have any doubt about as a matter of fact, I have some emails of interest about that. If maybe we could get to today time. Hey, He has once again criticized John McCain, a dead man. Yeah. He blasted John McCain after new tax from FBI. Uh, you know, lover Peter struck and we won't go into all the details, but Trump uses. This is an opportunity. Who once again attack a dead man. Dead. War hero. A dead didn't tonight. I like my war. I like my heroes who don't get caught. You know it's a war hero because he got caught my hero. My war heroes don't get captured. No. Yeah. Had bone spurs. You know, I geez. What? What I heard anyway,.

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