Spence, Artificial Intelligence discussed on Y Combinator - #5 - An AI Primer with Wojciech Zaremba


One of the motivations why i wanted to work on robotics nikos in case of robotics it's wait closer to their system that we cared about so what i mean by that for eastern let's say you would like you're about to creeper scrambled eggs for you and so the question is so how how should they build their reward and in computer games actually seen a nice thing is the are getting reward extremely frequently so let's say anytime you kill an enemy or let's say want di it's quite great about in case of scrambling acts it would mean or their way help people right through words for systems it would mean these spence from hand threat and then let's say somehow you have to quantify what's then if the ag it's the if you're able to crack open an egg are let's say if that and if you fridays sufficient the and how to how to kind of went defied turns out to be extremely difficult and the also there is no way even three said the system how the recent representing less to ikea these are like a boom dement all issues and their reason the why i'm personnel interested in robotics its finger that actually these challenges will tell us how to solve so would start by defining a couple things so what is artificial intelligence is machine learning and then what is deep learning okay they start pretty good and if these are pretty good questions so artificial intelligence is actually extremely brought the it's the extremely broad domain and mushin' their nick is sup part of these thumbing and essence artificial intelligence consist of any writing any self toward that tries to solve some problems through some indulgence it might be hand code that a solution rules ruled by system.

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