BOB, Margot, Staff Director discussed on The Healthy Moms Podcast - 85: Raise an Entrepreneur: 10 Rules for Nurturing Risk Takers, Problem Solvers, and Change Makers


And i reached out to them because we notice such an amazing difference from the sepla and they agreed to give listeners a fifteen percent discount if you want to check them out go to love with my tummy dot com slash wellness momma and use the code well momma w e l l m a m a for a fifteen percent discount and those links will also be in the show notes as bob welcome to the healthy moms fogcast i'm katie from on osama dot com and i am excited about today's interview because as a topic that i have been really trying to research myself and i found an amazing book by an amazing author and i get to chat with her today margot may call biz now is the author of the book raising an entrepreneur ten rules for nurturing risktakers problem solvers and change makers and i love that title so much so she spent twenty years in the government including a staff director of the president's council economic advisers both of her children are grown one of them has a successful um he has several songs he's the successful musician with the band magic giant and her other sons founded a group called summit which is an international conference series for a millennial entrepreneurs and creatives and they led the purchase of an entire mountain in utah which is the permanent home for their community her husband markets also an entrepreneur forming his national newsletter company biz now media at age fifty and of course now she's an entrepreneur as well um with her writing career and all the work she does and i'm exuberant cited to jump in and talk margo welcome thanks for being here thank you so excited this is going to be so find this is a topic that's kind of near and dear to my heart because i am at this point of my life an entrepreneur but it almost was an accidental fall into that i was just.

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