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Leave in the nation. We've. Got the highest minimum wage, according to Trump, we should just be a massive, depression, or guess what? Washington state has the best GDP growth. Inslee hopes by telling Washington story, he can raise the profile of a campaign. Now polling at about one percent. Among Democrats later today. The governor again covers his climate talking points when he's the only guest on the latest of CNN's nationally televised candidate forums Corwin Hake. Komo news today. President Trump is expected to announce another executive order this one to make it more difficult for states to block pipelines and other big energy projects. Komo's Theros on reminds us what this will mean for places like Washington governor has made it clear even before running for president that he does not like seeing Coltrane's running on tracks through our state are saying even blocked a new coal terminal during a trip to Texas today, the president will announce his executive order in response to states putting the brakes on energy projects over water quality issues. The administration says there are. Problems with the way, some states are interpreting part of the clean water act under that section companies must get the okay from the state before moving ahead with an energy project. Our state blocked, a new six hundred eighty million dollar coal export terminal on the Columbia River in Longview, by denying water-quality permit to the company that wanted to build it. And in New York regulators stopped a natural gas pipeline saying it didn't do enough to protect streams and wetlands today's move by the Trump administration will add to the battle right here in our state, the company that wants to build that coal terminal in Longview, has already sued the state of Washington saying to say violated federal law by not getting the permits it needs sixty State Department of transportation workers have died on the job since nineteen fifty today. The DOT is honoring them as well as the workers who have been hurt the OT remembers these workers every year, and they hope it reminds drivers to slow down in work zones. Komo news time eight oh four. Now, we check the bride for you. With the KOMO AAA traffic update and Kierra Jordan. Well, we don't have any blocking crashes or stalls to kick off the eight o'clock hour, and for the most part, the drives are looking pretty typical did have an earlier crash. That's left us though, is some crowding on northbound I five as you're coming out of lacy but it is thinning out north. And I five is busy around fifty six into coma. But it's not looking too bad through city center. Northbound I five will be heavy in Seattle from the north end of Boeing field toward the convention center. Now, southbound I five working with slowing from north Lynnwood into shoreline, and then we find some brake lights again as you're approaching five twenty and also looks like we might have some sort of obstruction? That's partially blocking our southbound I five off ramp to westbound I ninety traveling from limited Bellevue, thirty minutes. Renton to Bellevue thirty five minutes there. Westbound five twelve that's a busy drive between Pacific and I five northbound one six seven still slow from four ten toward Pacific and northbound ninety nine with a busy drive in the tunnel. Our next got a fourteen traffic. This time is brought to you by Staples. Staples has the supplies you need this week by one HP ink cartridge get a second thirty percent off. It ends the thirteenth. Restrictions apply. See store associate or Staples.

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