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Yes. Is immediately followed by Elliott who. Yes. Yeah. Exactly. Sorry, elliot. All right. You do a very good job with the song. But also Atari. This is a rough set. Yeah. Like, what what what are your overall thoughts on these five on this pack of contestants? So this is such a weird set of five and like I had I had done sort of a mini ranking of just these five just to kind of catch where where my brain was on these five because they about them in the whole they're kind of just all over the place, and there it's very hard to nail down. I think of the five I like Slovenia best followed by Belgium, then Serbia Poland just sort of drew the short straw, just. 'cause I think I Meyer what is going for. But I think is a very hard sell compared to the rest of the field Australia. I really kinda wanna see what this retool performance looks like what the you know, what the sounds what this continues to sound like live like can Kate Miller had Icke deliver this level performance. Every time I think she can just like all of these feel like the wrong, performance choices. Just sync them. Yeah. Which is really difficult and like not outside the realm of possibility. Twelve other entries in the semi-final. So all five of these could fail. We just thinking through what we've discussed. I feel like we've mentioned things that for each of these acts that feel like they could be the wrong production choice and with the wrong production. It's not even like a high risk hybrid word type production choice. Like, it's gonna be like, oh, you were the red thing. Instead of the blue thing. Like, it's very simple choices like that. That shouldn't be that big of a deal could cause these to sink or swim. Yeah. That's sorry. All five of these acts that we. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, like Poland as I said, I think it's gonna come down to what their lives vocal is several weeks before the contest Serbia like we know what the live vocal sounds like. But there's nothing particularly. Citing too far in Poland. Like, how do they sound live? And also is it just going to be a static shot of them? Standing into line singing, the song Serbia shrug Slovenia. I think Slovenia is maybe the like in the safest position of the five. Yeah. Like like you were saying if they can really drawn that intimacy and thinking back to their national final like that audience was into that performance. If they can there there's something going on by they had going on there. I think they are the safest of these five Australia. There's just too much and not enough going on with that one. And yet, and with Belgium, it's not enough going on, and there should be much much more. So yeah, it would be easier. If I strongly disliked any of these songs, but I don't like all. That's what makes it the toughest is that like, I don't actively dislike any of these. This is the heartbreak grew up. The inclusion everyone who f-. Yeah. Yeah. And that's a tagline for this. Title for this episode. Yeah. Anyways, that's gonna do it for this episode of the year what thanks for listening. You're what podcast is hosted by Ben Smith. That's me and Mike McComb. That's me. You can find us on our website at euro, what dot com and on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram at your what we'd love to hear your questions and comments and also if you higher percentage like fifty ish on that your vision natural this week. You can subscribe to your what on apple podcast, Google podcasts. Spotify Stitcher or the podcast your choice rating and reviewing the podcast. When you subscribe also hopes other your vision fans, find us, it's pretty great. So please read us review us we will be back next week to try and make sense of what's new in your visions.

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