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The thirty two year old physical therapist we join him at the canon ball drop he goes across the block run in the blocks don't even move yeah his gymnasts that make sense yeah we get a yamauchi is looking gucci high get on new thing he respected through the spin hopper but unfortunately slips right at the end does very well up until that point he is going to qualify with one of the fastest times to the spin hopper okay good i really should look at that board at the end actually know who call us next up is james wilson the thirty two year old gym owner he may call him the natty ninja because he's from cincinnati oh okay the natty ninja i think of natty as beer as beer yeah natty light oh that funny but when it's called okay so those are really shitty beer brand called natural light which is like the cheapest college beer but everybody shortens it to natty light well well he's the natty ninja so i've never heard of natty a referring to cincinnati i've never heard of natty period right well that makes sense so that's why i was explaining to you my thought process well we eat a package about his wife she has ms yeah this so sad it's like lance peak his and his wife's package yes and in particular she talks about like how she was issues like you know i don't i don't want you to have to deal with this and she couldn't she couldn't push them away she couldn't get rid of him he loves her too much yeah it's really sweet but i would also like to add that they met at the gym and i don't support that way of meeting people i think it's weird when guys go up shit girls at the gym it's like we have headphones we want our space was trainer and he wasn't her trainer he doesn't know he just he said that he saw her at the gym everyday like he was a trainer at the gym and she worked out there every day i don't think that he was hurt like she was excited about it in a worked out this time i'm just saying as a practice i don't think the gym is a great place to meet people i mean i agree i think it's weird when people go up to people at the gym but i also think it's weird when people go up to people almost anywhere because i mostly just want to be left alone anywhere i go i agree but there are more there are places that are like more i think a pro like if you're at a bar like at least you don't have the headphones and you look nice you're not like being disturbed in the middle to be fair to him he said he saw her at the gym all the time maybe it was like outside of the gym they ran into each other and he was like hey see you at the gym all the time like what's up maybe this does not apply to like social gym activities like i think if you're like at a climbing place or something where like everybody kind of has commodity or whatever i think that's a good place to meet people i just think it's weird because like people are doing something at the gym you know they're there for a reason something i will definitely agree if you if this meeting took place like mid you know like she is in the middle of like her three squats sets like no no go yeah anytime anyone has headphones in don't talk to them that's the role yes i agree so this is fourth time competing he's never made it to the city finals and he i i have a theory about this he was on the wheel flip and they ought bar and really really over explaining this obstacle as though we were seeing it for the first time or one of the first times they're like oh so what you need to do on this obstacle is this thing and it really saps us drinks you need to get through it quickly and here's what happens when you flip it over and i was like we're like halfway through the.

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