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Clear that Dulles expo center is the site where construction can proceed the fastest governor Ralph Northam says it'll be one of the first three field hospital set up in the state in about six weeks he's also promising some improvements after lots of people have struggled to get through with unemployment claims so we have upgraded our website expanded server capacity and we're increasing call center staffing by twenty percent and north and expecting to suggest significant cuts to budget plans in a few weeks that had been set to include worker raises and other big changes we have to rearrange our priorities now Max Smith WTOP news and is the seaside mayor Muriel Bowser says the peak of coronavirus cases in the city is now projected to arrive in late June or early July we model that approximately ninety three thousand people in our city could get infected with cove in nineteen and I want to be clear that this number is cumulative and does that mean that on any specific day that ninety three thousand residents have covert nineteen at the same time so this number represents those people who have been affected and recovered as well Bowser also stressed there's a large ranging estimates for how many people might die in DC with the most severe model showing destin the city could top of thousand currently there are more than fifty five hundred cases of coronavirus in Virginia Maryland and DC and one hundred and three people have died breaking news now on the local transit service metro says it will shut down rail service at nine o'clock each night starting on Monday measure also cutting back on bus service the final bus trips will depart after before eleven o'clock every night and continue to run weekdays on a modified Sunday schedule on weekends only twenty seven bus routes will run on reduced schedules congressional leaders across the sea are not happy about the on going back of rather lack of medical supplies as they vowed to keep pressing the federal government to get them more now from WTOP's Capitol Hill correspondent Michelle Miller Maryland congressman Anthony brown says it's unacceptable that states aren't getting anywhere near the amount of supplies they requested from FEMA a congressional report found that Maryland didn't get any of the one hundred thousand testing swabs it sought and only a fraction of the personal protection equipment without that equipment brown says interchangeably like asking a firefighter to run into a burning home with nothing on more than eight days and brown says he'll keep pushing for supplies FEMA acknowledges shortages but says it's working on a broad range of fronts to get more equipment equipment that's only going to be in higher demand as the virus continues to spread on Capitol Hill Mitchell Miller WTOP news for using more gloves masks and disinfecting wipes these days and some aren't taking the proper steps to dispose of them seeing litter scattered about is nothing new but what used to be just cigarette **** bags and other trash now includes discarded gloves masks and sanitizing wipes in streets and parking lots all over and health experts say it's putting those tasked with clearing the trash in danger that's because those use pieces of personal protective equipment can still contain traces the corona virus and other contaminants long after the one who letters leaves the scene when you're done using the gloves or masks take time to properly dispose of them in a nearby trashcan if that's not possible bring your own trash bag in place it in the arts Brandon Millman WTOP news after raising concerns about coronavirus aboard an aircraft carrier docked in Guam it's captain was relieved of duty today the crew of the teddy Roosevelt let him know how they felt crew members poured out onto the deck of the aircraft carrier teddy Roosevelt to say good bye to captain Brad crozier who stuck his neck out to protect his crew and their mission and was relieved of duty it was a big send off closure was taken off the ship after a memo he wrote to his superiors warning that not enough was being done to stop the spread of the code nineteen virus aboard the ship made it into the media acting navy secretary Thomas Mosley said the memo gave the impression the navy is not on the job JJ green WTOP news well there been a number of heart warming stories as the corona virus crisis has deepened this is a pretty good one Alan Marshall had nine hundred box that he planned to spend on a knife sharpening tool instead the husband of a Detroit area health care worker bought gas for nurses working on the front lines against the pandemic for two days this week Marshall stood outside a gas station near Detroit Medical Center holding up a homemade sign that read free gas for nurses dozens took him up on the offer he told WDIV television I just love him and I want them to know that Michigan has been one of the states hardest hit by corona virus nine thirty eight now in Washington let's check traffic.

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