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Into set and way say sets. It could be the same gangs but one of the same gang and once set his two blacks that they they're in control of And another set has two blacks that they're in control of, and never between shall meet. If you cross over pride yourself, got drugs to do anything on the other side of the street. You're in violation of their territory, and they will shoot you. I mean, it's all you know, it's all money and drugs. And his estimate of 117,000. He used to be a lot higher than that and breaking it down. But Down with the shooting yesterday. It was a horrible thing, and we used to have And I hope we still have a unit that was the primary function was to look at. Social media and see who's challenging Luke and then You would also have that same group would plot Certain guys. Certain gangs are getting shock. And then they're looking at who's going to retaliate and you would stand your forces. You know, the year you were detailed men. Officers to the area and tried to get In between, or stop or look for these guys that are carrying these guns and with stopping first spring pretty much, uh, gone. It's amazing that the police department In this city has gotten 5500 guns. You can't say these policemen are are lazy. If you've got $5500? No, not an easy thing to do. I would think any of this. In fact, and thanks, Sergeant Pete. Always good to hear from you. Because I wanted to understand a little bit more about that. So many people had questions about how would you know? And thanks for clarifying that about Thie gang members in the city. Sergeant Pete Kokonas. 38 years a Chicago cop. We're going to get to the bottom of the hour news from the North Western Medicine newsroom and then we're going to talk to Dr Steve. And then we got so much more coming up on the show. So stay with us here as we continue to have more discussion. Oh, I should say, Steve. Dr Steve is going to tell us why you're more likely to get the covert virus from your family member is far more likely. Than anybody else. We'll talk about that coming up. 81 degrees at 1 30 Good afternoon. I'm Jordan Burn Field. The news is sponsored by per Maciel basement systems. President Trump set to speak in the next hour about an operation that would send more law enforcement to Chicago but first W GM traffic.

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