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Going to hold out and they will plead out they will you you do this i'm gonna find him gonna find him gonna find sooner or later got around our money before me i was strip you of that title stephen roach is i don't care who complains i will have another time for that i was steeper it does not want to compete when he is ready to come back you'll get a media title shot for this belt but until then we need a fighting champion and i will paint him as a villain we will make sure he doesn't have the money and you go live a firefighter all you want but those checks md checks and i will plead you out because we were out last it's crazy crush the little guys but you pay the connors it's just a crazy crazy and all of this because you know max holloway guy who is on a ridiculous when he's re and now he's out for a thirty second fight is i mean second if you really want to because he was just stepping up on short notice for the diva but three fights man he's two thousand eighteen sucks for him almost every every ufc pave ucar it kinda sounds so it's pretty bad so we've talked enough about connor and all this stuff let's actually get to the car all right so we're going and it's a pretty good car still is pretty good card yeah good fight it funny because we had a pretty good car where ufc two twenty five this can crack two hundred thousand paper use it name shan so we have we'll get the early prelims even though vegas product team oils on let's see we have landover nada versus a car close that's gonna be one hell of a fight i'll take landau to win that fight on some spinney shit but land those guys he'll lose some you win some he looks stylish doing yeah he's he's too he's one two in one in the ufc exciting it's fun to watch jakhar close lost his last fight against david teamer where teamer wasn't really engaging with them but he beat mark the cascais which because he was a guy on the rise this is a very interesting fight man i like i like both these guys it has finite potential actually going to side with your car close here cards i think he could win it like if it goes to cars just a little bit more clean technical yes what i was going to be held if but i'm gonna go with close i'm not mad at all for going for not here because we're not a he he needs to win this guy's been in the main event the komitch weiss reason we had like four fights because he's just that i fight against what ferguson shows exciting people just gravitate towards that we have sunshine versus rob font which is a good match may have looked kind of good out i'm gonna take rob phone which is which is tough but i i might font in how he's looked recently he got choked out to fights ago but he did not how times so they did i'm gonna take sunshine i life on a lot he's great stand of pride about it says i was dumb enough to stand with him and if he is he'll get knocked out spun damn big but when she gets you on the ground is struggle any extremely durable as well so you know in a great position right now fighting think they're ranked bantamweight he you know volt themselves right into the title picture but you know sunset doesn't i think he's been knocked out once and that was air coke beckett two thousand eleven one twenty eight like any marla morrison beat algebra sterling he beat bryan caraway he beat page muniz he bt to deals on when tj wasn't even his surge but i mean he's taken the distance twice deal even when he lost to tj he went the distance which is not easy not many other people say that when turned into killer sean just in record people so i'm gonna take sun's out here as long as such plays.

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