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And you're next up. Hey morgan. They ham the radio st- good to have you. I just as Alabama fan. We got our hours handed to us that I mean there it is. There you go don't like talk about it and feeling like I'm part of the finebaum family for my family, and my kids always call him sing happy birthday. So here we go. Happy birthday, Mr. sapient, happy birthday, Mr. sapient Yellen, saying long, happy birthday, Mr. say being and happy birthday. You you. Okay. Well, we've got that settled. It's okay to sing happy birthday. Now. Isn't it isn't that surpr- that court ruling it used to be if you sang happy birthday would cost you, but some court ruled that you can do it now for free public domain? We got that settled how about Jerry next in the Commonwealth of Virginia been reading a lot of beverage lately. Seventy grease seventy degrees today, and you still got it. And you still got a governor to hell. That's crazy. Well, you got remember that we are the heart of the confederacy. Yeah. No. I'm never lost track. Wherever Jinyu is. And where they stood. Who are you taking any more of these though chick your person comb never done with that topic? Okay. Well, it's a lot of fun. I've been looking at the two careers, not just peak value with career value, the two coaches, and I don't see how saving could be compared to develop check as far as degree at difficulty of chievements and for four simple reasons. May I say states, you may please don't hesitate. Another second. Reason number one you simp- at that level of football NFL, you simply cannot schedule wins. You cannot custom schedule ins to you're saying you cannot play the citadel or Mercer. Yes. Or some? Yeah. Baked potato school like that. I that's exactly right, Paul. Yeah. Western carolina. You have sixteen games that every right, by the way that that is maybe the most sapient point. I've heard in this debate. Well, it's it's just so obvious. You just can't custom schedule wins at that. That's not a knock on Satan. Because they all do that. We're talking about the best. We're not nobody's getting knocked here. Right. Well, savings at great great great seal of powerhouse program that nobody can deny that. But. Comparison, here's based on degree of difficulty of TV. Okay. Number one is no customs, schedule number two at billet checks levels football. You can't play sixty five and seventy percent games at home like saving does your point..

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