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I liked coordinated. I was really feeling jeez. Hair yup the pink hair. The sunglasses the leather. It was just so good. The music was perfect. Gay i i really liked to end. Big says she's the fun police. Everybody has to have fun. Or you're gonna see yourself down. The crater will apparently her nc t made a rule that night. there was no game. Talk aloud in club penguin like you had to just be drinking partying having fun. No game talk was allowed. So that's why when you see noneya leroy a corner. And she's counting her fingers and he's like they're going see you because they were taking that shit seriously like they were like no like we told people. Do not like. We're not doing this tonight. We're just gonna have a fun night. We'll be. I love that too. And i think it helps with because they knew they were going in so if the double agents knows no matter what i'm going down there it really doesn't matter who the house vote is right..

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