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The sun. And sometimes we will learn new information separately or together and sometimes. In fact, will learn revelations that turned the original facts on their head so come along with us just a little further into the darkness as we look back on twenty eight teen and all its ugly disturbing glory, and assuming that Matt Nolan I survive this recording will also make a few guesses about the cover ups conspiracies and allegations we can expect to find in twenty nineteen. I know I made that sound like a bummer. I know it sound like it's just going to get worse. Yeah. I mean, it does imply that perhaps we'll be talking about the Mueller investigation. So to keep this from sounding completely apocalyptic and to keep it from being an absolute Downer such as the troubling Kurram cult case, a we thought we could start off with some of the good things that our species did across twenty eighteen some of the real milestones of innovation. Impressive positive discoveries and breakthroughs that we've made there's so much stuff like space. We launched a bunch of stuff in space recently. It's true a bunch of stuff and here are some of that bunch in planetary exploration. The NASA insight size Malla g probe launched in may of twenty eighteen and landed on the planet Mars in November. Then we've got the Parker solar probe which launched to explore the son in August, two thousand eighteen and reached its first ah believe the word is para helium, Ben. But I'm gonna need you to help me fill in some gambled. It nailed it. My friend perihelion the point at which orbit of. A heavenly object comes closest to the sun. Yes. That's the that's the very one, Ben. Thank you. And then on the twentieth of October, the ESA and j x a or as I like to refer to them ISA and Jaksa they're like brother and sister like mortal combat contenders or something like that launched Beppe Colombo BP. I think it's bet be happy to mercury like. But Buca Debbie that the more fun to say a lot of fun to say that way all the potentially problematic. But I think we're fine with it to mercury that's where it went on a ten year mission featuring several fly bys and eventually deployed to orbiters in twenty twenty five to study the local terrain, which is a huge deal because mercury is super inhospitable. I mean, it's not, you know, Jupiter Venus level inhospitable, but 'cause it's not a gas giant. But it's a it's got a large variance of temple. It's not for earthlings or earth things. Just hanging out right there by the sun. We never a great idea yet. And the big one of the big reveals is we found water on Mars. So if you are in the audience, and you have for years been saying, there's more to Mars than people want you to know in a way, you are correct. For a long time people thought that rumors of water on Mars were just alarmist stuff or wishful thinking, but on July twenty fifth twenty eighteen the Italian space agency announced researchers discovered an underground lake on Mars, the Mars advanced radar for subsurface. And I honest fear sounding instrument or marshes uncovered this stuff using ground penetrating radar. It's a subglacial lake. It's it's more than twelve miles wide. And it's three feet deep that last parts anticlimactic, really wild. I I was really hoping. You're going to say underground lair on Mars that would have been really cool. Hey, we haven't examined a ton of the Martian underground also the Martian underground sounds like a good band name toot..

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