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It's not even needs to its Ken, right 'cause NASD to my knowledge does not go from plasma into cell. But it's hard. It. Does it does? It just might be that you don't have enough in the plasma to justify the will. You do if you're injecting it also this is interesting. Okay. I wanna come back. I'm gonna park that because I want to finish. But I'm gonna come back to that. So nicotinamide is the is the physiological circulating form of niacin that all cells will use to make nicotinamide. I mean, excuse me that all cells won't use to make adeem. Minor exceptions are about. Five weekend. Make some nice in from trip to Finn. And about ninety five percent of that happens the liver in the liver. Five percent happens in the kidney. So there is some some tiny bit of this that the kidney is making its own. But overwhelmingly. With that tiny exception. Tissues getting any because it took nicotinamide of the blood that the liver made from its store of energy. Now, let me expose my ignorance in biochemistry. My forgetfulness nicotinamide is charged or not, I know any ideas, but known content might not charged. Okay. Nicotinamide makes its way into a cell through a active or passive transporter, active transport believe I would need to check that. That's okay. We'll we'll figure all that out. Once nicotinamide is in the cell. How does it combine with Adele at cetera to become energy? It goes through two steps that are ATP dependent. It gets converted to nicotinamide on a nuclear tied. And then it gets converted into any d a portion of the Nick of the Enin nicotinamide on nuclear portion of that becomes an are. And then gets comes back to an and I don't know exactly why. But I think it's like a pressure release valve. So if you're trying to hold onto the nicotinamide and get it to any de more than the. A- at which you can make the NASD you might convert some to end up our to kind of hold onto it got. And then it comes back in and and our to not NRT tuner. So you have nicotinamide you up to an immense you go up to any you can go from over to NR, but you have to go back over from art to amend to get an eighty. Yup. And I think of it as a cycle ways to look at this picture the picture that I have in my mind is NASD going to N A M to NNSA's a cycle with an are being a pop off of an okay? Yes. So what you're talking about is in the case of any consuming. Enzymes like, sir twins in parts that are using any deferred for DNA repair. And all the things we were talking about before what they do when they consume the NASD is they release nicotinamide. So imagine you're a muscle cell. You took originally to get every molecule of any do you have originally took some nicotinamide from the blood. But then you did things with it. Some of those things were what you were talking about with oxidative phosphorylation, you don't consume any in that process. You just cycle it back and forth use it over and over northern over again. But some of the things that you did were at the search wins in parts that are engaging in protection and those enzymes will consume the NASD to generate nicotinamide. The big problem here is that nicotinamide is an inhibitor of all those enzymes through negative feedback loop. So you have to have to have to have to have to do something with the nicotinamide very fast. Were you need to methylated bring it back to the earlier discussion and pee it out. So nicotinamide is circulating as the circulating form in the blood with intracellular. You don't let it hang out there. You do something with it. Right. So you take in the nicotinamide, and you either make any were you get rid of it yet? Actually, I didn't even realize one could have free nicotinamide inside a cell, which I guess you're basically saying but Bonin momentarily momentarily, but it doesn't hang out there in that flow doesn't. Okay. So now, let's go back to the question that I'm still trying to wrap my mind around which is if I give you a gram of nicotinamide riboside, you're saying none of that NRA is basically gonna leave the liver instead just nicotinamide as leaving the liver. It is found in the blood..

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