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The redo began on Saturday after several requests were made for one following the April seventh election and the Milwaukee police officer seriously hurt in a three car crash on the city's north side that officer recovering the crash happened Sunday night authorities said suspected drunk driver plowed into a squad and another vehicle your sixtieth in Silver Spring around nine PM time for the W. T. M. J. Drake and associates market update right now the Dow is down two hundred and four to twenty four thousand thirty seven the nasdaq up twenty three to eighty six seventy three and the S. and P. is down twelve to twenty eight sixty two WTMJ hello W. I. dot com time saver traffic ninety four eastbound highway sixteen through the zoo interchange to the market looking good all the way in that seventeen minutes forty one forty five south on no problems from highway cute to do that's fine at fifteen forty three south on your slow because the road work being done again today so you're losing a lane right now from from here to downtown it's a slow process but twenty one twenty five minutes you're looking at ten to fifteen minute delays heading south right now I'm forty three from brown to downtown so be mindful of that ninety four north bound from Leighton into the market so far you are getting into the city okay from the south right now should be about an eight minute trip into downtown so you'll get there eight to nine minutes of virtually on time the W. T. M. J. five day forecast for the sunny breezy high of sixty one degrees it's gorgeous right now showers and thunderstorms are likely later.

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