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The unvaccinated dying from covid in their communities. This is totally unacceptable. President Biden not calling out Governor Rhonda Santa's by name, but dog on clothes. He called out Republicans by name in an address earlier today, talking about safety in schools. Does he really think that that's going to bring us closer together? Or that by throwing that much vinegar into the mix that he is going to draw people to his effort to get vaccinated? The one thing you don't want to do at this point is make it even more political than it already is. And and, you know, Some have said that this is a war on Republicans. I don't know what it is. Let's ask one. Congressman bill Highs in it from the west side of our state joins us on this day where we're talking about the sacrifices of 9 11 and also about the president's vaccine vaccine or test mandate. Congressman Good to Have you with us. Hey, guy. Good to be with you. And, uh, yes. I'm glad you mentioned 9 11. That was such a seminal moment for all of us. You know, I was actually a staffer, district director for my predecessor, Peter Hook stra who had just been named to the intelligence. Uh, yeah. And I can tell you just it. Just completely changed. Obviously, everybody's everybody's world. But certainly the policy world in Washington, D. C was pretty dramatically altered that day. Well and what a crazy time that was, as we had to explore the intelligence failures that led us to that moment, and also the incredible intelligence improvement that has helped helped keep us safe. Since, um so I'm pleased that you were part of that effort and that you're there now as well. And so help me with this year. We We know that we need to do more to get people vaccinated. It's it's the best way out of what could become a long term mess. Why do you find what do you think about this path? And will it be effective? Is this the best path to take? Please hear the sarcasm in my voice. When I say the great unifier and healer of our land, Joe Biden has once again shown up and, uh and and and it's like stunning to me that they think that this is going to be productive way of approaching people. And clearly, it's not, um you know, it's it's ridicule. It's mockery. It's threats. It's all those things. And then, of course, it's about his organized well as well organized as our.

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