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Tonight at seven Eastern on Fox and the Fox Sports Act. Apple CEO Tim Cook faced some tough questioning on the stand in an antitrust case brought by the makers of Fortnight epic game sued Apple over its 30% commission that the company takes for in APP purchases, accusing the APP store being in illegal monopoly. When CEO Tim Cook was on the stand Friday. The judge who's deciding the outcome here, questioned him, saying she understood the idea that Apple's bringing customers to the games. But after that initial interaction, it's the games that keep people engaged in Apple's just profiting off of it. Judge Yvonne Gonzalez. Rogers also pressed Cook over how much competition apple really faces in this space. Cook pointed to Androids but also video game consoles like X Box. She also said it appears the profits Apple makes off game developers are disproportionate, helping to subsidize APS that do not pay the commission fee. Jessica Rosenthal Fox News There's been pushed back at a number of states against critical race theory and public schools. Critics say there needs to be a more inclusive curriculum. Georgia governor Brain camp believes it's a highly pull it Sized racist distortion of history that has no place in the classroom. We don't need to be trying to rewrite history, Georgians at the state and local level know how best to educate our Children. We don't need a one size fits all national approaches, which is really where this is coming from. Supporters of critical race theory say it's anti American to avoid talking about the country's history with racism. House Republicans were critical Speaker Nancy Pelosi's requirement that masks still be warned North Carolina representative Madison Cawthorne. You'll often times see Democrat members of Congress and who are wearing no masks in the elevator. But then, as soon as we get to the second floor of the building, they then put their masks on because they know they're about to be on C SPAN. It's all political theater contouring on functions. Hannity Pelosi once more members of Congress to be vaccinated before its shell. Consider dropping.

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