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This whole fire nation because the media tycoon who's one of Hong Kong's most prominent pro democracy activists, is to be sentenced on Friday. Organizing and participating in an illegal march during mass anti government protests. Jimmy Lai also faces separate charges under draconian new National security law, which critics say erodes the city's rights and freedoms. The BBC's Danny Vincent has had exclusive access to Mr Life over the past six months since his arrest. And there's a filed this report. Beautiful. Hey, Good morning, everybody. This is a very, very nice day in Hong Kong. Today. It's October last year on billionaire Jimmy Lai is giving his weekly live stream at his newspaper headquarters. Yeah, I think the freedom speech Eastern danger here in Hong Kong. He's out on bail on being investigated for violating the national security law despite his high profile arrest. Outspoken critic is continuing to speak out. Hongkong's National security law has been largely untested, His words could lead to charges against him. How can become the beacons? Off the bashed in value because we share the Western Valley view, But it's something he's done since he founded his tabloid Apple Daily in Hong Kong following Beijing's bloody crackdown on the tenements, where protests in 1989 as he said, when I met him at his mansion a month earlier. I'm a phone of gravel. Very rude Re Barris can occur to me that I was born in mainland China and smuggled as a child into Hong Kong. By his twenties, he built a business empire that I come here with one Bara. Because everything I've have because of this place. You know, a wonderful family. If this is the Bay paper turning This is my way Attention Under the national security law, the 72 year old could face life in prison. Since the law came in in June. They have been sweeping crackdown on Beijing's critics in the territory. Do you think about the contrast between this The prospects of living In prison. This is just living my life peacefully, but If I'm in jail, I'm living my life meaningful because he must be some things for your family. For.

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