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State on Sacramento's news 93.1 kfbk. Dolan. Fire is now over. 60% contained fire continues to burn south of Big Sur new hand crews arrived to the scene to help firefighters with containment efforts. The blazes burned over 128,000 acres of land and the estimated full containment data's October 13th. North complex has burned over 305 acres of land across Plumas Ambu counties. The complex is nearing 80% containment. As crews continue to battle the fires. The complex has been divided into three zones, the north the South and the West. According to Cal fire. The West Zone of the complex is over 80% contained The MBA finals has been set and the Los Angeles Lakers have their opponent. The Miami Heat eliminated the Boston Celtics in Game six of the Eastern Conference finals last night. The Lakers will now face the Heat in Game one of the MBA finals on Wednesday. I'm Jordan Christmas Sacramento traffic from the Catholic, A traffic center in Sacramento. Eastbound 50. The off ramp to Sunrise Boulevard will be shut down till five AM for kerb, gutter and sidewalk work. Westbound 50 between 65th Street and Stockton Boulevard. The number five lane and the right shoulder will be closed until eight AM due to survey work. North bound 99 between Dillard Road and Grand Line Road heads up for alternating lane closures in the number one and number two lanes till six AM due to bridgework. Traffic on the tens, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons. Steve Herrera News 33.1 calf became now Sacramento weather Warm early on this Monday morning lows between 66 70 hazy sun and quite hot later today, a gusty wind of the excessive dry weather will.

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