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On CBS sports network television and radio we had a great conversation about what happened on the trade deadline will have that coming up next to Mike may off the GM of the waiters next hour right here on the bench well we're getting into the start of the season preseason football do you want your quarterback to play at all shut him down she employ a little get in a rhythm do you want to put a blanket around your quarterback in the preseason what do you want to get him out there and play a bit get in a rhythm so maybe you can start off the season on a high note Frankie in Atlanta thanks rolled in your on the bench you had Frank yeah I'm calling about the hall of fame all right so if you've got the love rivers as a sure a lot I'm I'm trying to make my case for Matt Ryan okay I have not but I have that minus a lock so hope you heard that right not Ryan is a hall of Famer if you never played enough well I think he's got to play another couple years ago over fifty thousand yards and three hundred touchdowns but he's got all the stats season okay I buy your stand he was questionable no no no I got I got him in along with the Russell Wilson Patrick more homes you live Aaron Rodgers rivers Roethlisberger brazen Brady so Matt Ryan for me is Adam he's an incredible career and remember as you know that Superbowl was blown by Kyle Shanahan with that massive lead against the patriots all Matt Ryan needed to do was hand off the football in the second half and they easily won the Superbowl thanks for the call everybody remember that too thanks when Pete Carroll didn't hand off the ball to Marshawn Lynch and the Seahawks lost the Super Bowl now what about Russell Wilson's second he threw an interception at the goal line and they lost to the patriots in when not Ryan had a massive lead massively in the Superbowl and came out and started throwing the ball for no reason and couldn't pick up first downs the patriots ended up winning not an over time I was there for that shocking though those are too I just mentioned on top of Eli beating Tom Brady twice Jake the loan check the Loma almost be Tom Brady in a Superbowl and then the other Superbowl one of the other ones Tom Brady one they barely beat Philadelphia would McNab was vomiting and teal and then how about the one that they want on the vendor Terry game winner against St Louis and then the patriots win this last Superbowl and Jared Goff doesn't throw touchdown I mean the patriots have been blessed now you could have said they won the job they could one the giants Super Bowl they didn't but I yeah I about Ryan clearly in the hall of fame because it's one our mind everybody look at these numbers Terry Bradshaw two for twenty seven thousand nine hundred eighty nine yards in Ken Stabler twenty seven thousand nine thirty eight Bob Griese he threw for twenty five thousand yards in less than two hundred touchdown season Hey Joe Namath twenty seven thousand six hundred and sixty three yards more interceptions than touchdowns and he's in no not every quarterback with over forty thousand yards is getting it Collins is got almost forty one thousand no chance drew Bledsoe as forty four thousand six eleven he's not get name Carson Palmer forty six thousand two forty seven he's not getting in in the all time great Vinny Testaverde two hundred and seventy five touchdowns over forty six thousand yards he's not get it in but I think I'm giving it a dumb put Matt Ryan in because I think he's going to go over I mean he's got three or four years left in this league he should he should approach sixty thousand yards if he stays healthy Fred's in Washington DC on CBS sports radio hello Fred Hey thanks for taking my call matter to me there are rare and in fact one of the worst team in the NFC and another thing you did say you should we play the quarterback said we get her decision to make but the main thing is what makes you think that we want to be one of the worst teams in football and the we have a rest yeah you're going to you're not gonna be very good at all I love Bruce Allen I'm a friend to his I want to see the red skins do well you're gonna compete with the giants to be the worst team there even if you're breaking in a brand new quarterback if you're breaking in a brand new quarterback in Haskins which I'm assuming you want to do you want to get him out there to play it's going to be ugly he could be good in this league but you're one is going to be ugly the the hold out situation you have with your best offense of linemen to another thing and the defense I think it's a little bit improved but overall is in great I I think the cowboys are gonna smasher I think the eagles are gonna smash in the rest of that schedule is an easy okay I see your point but they want to be stocking this year watched well thanks for calling calling your shot I mean that's what I'm doing here I mean what does everybody think I'm doing here I'm not I'm not not just here to here late at night talking to myself if you think your team it's got a chance to shock the world if you think your teams I could be a five or six one team let's go I get a call and let me know eight five five two one two four two two seven with the red skins about big problems the last couple years from their stadium to their fans being upset to the personnel to the Alex Smith injuring updated out Alex Smith injured I would think very highly of them I like Alex Smith I really believe he can play you can play at a high level and the sleek Alex Schmitz numbers are amazing considering the injuries he sad and the bad teams he's played on it's got almost thirty five thousand yards and a hundred ninety three touchdowns if you didn't shatters leg last year we're talking about a god comes in this year in the absolute prime he's still young Brady's forty two hours minutes got for five more years at a high level but we're gonna have to see him come back and play at a high level eight five five two one two four two two seven will get back to your phone calls next and Jon Paul Morosi the great baseball insider now that the trade deadline has come and gone we're gonna get into that he's going to join us here a little bit later on keep it right here to CBS sports radio here's a sports update with the great John fash sports play in the bottom of the twelfth inning in Philadelphia Phillies in white Sox still all tied up and three and three the time it's just gone final in Denver.

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