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And then securely do something to piss somebody else off I mean nobody nobody wants a drunk pilot or a drunk MTA bus driver or drunk train driver but you know it's like like you said there's probably a more humane way of dealing with people that have issues that have problems and not you know take away their job and if they can get help get them their help in in if they pass all of the prerequisite veto veto all the check points coming back then you know of them their jobs yeah I gotta tell ya I started saying initially I showed up this was years ago a Pan Am of the chief pilot showed up four o'clock in the afternoon for a flight to London and he had alcohol on his breath and he's my supervisor one of my going to do so as far as I'm concerned you were flying with the co pilot yeah what you gonna do he's the sheep so we go and we fly and he falls asleep which is far as I'm concerned absolutely fine but because he's a pain in the **** but the problem here is both pilots had alcohol stuff going on so I got to say look if you got one pilot once in a while who gets caught maybe it's not the airline management's problem that they're not running the program right but when you get two pilots on the same flight yeah I have a hard time believing Dr the program is operating rod I think the simplest take away we can absolutely take from this is that your co pilot should never be your drinking buddy you betcha and I have somebody over on the plane goodness you know that it's true that if you've got one pilot whose okay that's all you need really that's why you have to have everything you need on airplanes that clay or you just say Hey bud you've during tonight I'll I'll be the dry one I'll be the designated flyer I'll be the DHEA of my guys are a time them but thank you so much for for joining us and sharing a little bit a light on that and we can find you act flight with flight went W. I. debt or just fear of flying dot com that's easy to remember and for anybody who's having trouble panic I got panicking what would you say how does a passenger deal with that when they get on a plane now and think that the pilots might be drunk whiskey how do you anybody who's having a panic attack about this I have a new book out called panic free and it's really good because it's much more effective than any tree but that some of them have been available and you can see that and fear of flying dot com that's fear of flying dot com excellent thank you so much thank you guys okay do you do have a fear of flying absolutely not but that's because I'm usually three whiskeys deep I never think about it yeah I don't either I you know what I think it's like when I jump out of airplanes and I skydive I go and I've only jumped out tandem I think they don't want to die so I always think well my pilots don't want to die today so I think I'm okay that's how I rationalize stay in the air for the reason I would never get a helicopter but I totally think that I'm gonna be totally safe and you look at the statistics although it's funny because I you know I work with John Phillips and Gillian barber in the morning and Gillian never had a fear of flying until she started working with John Phillips who just happens to email her stories about plane crashes while she's sitting on a plane taking up for Tampa now she can't take off without exam axe okay don't project on her John Phillips you have to throw one of our earlier guests under the bus beaten here them at six to ten and seven ninety K. review read anyway that's right alright that's renewing filling in for Dr drew on Lee and sweet and this is my day live on am seven ninety KABC ABC dependable traffic.

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